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How to Treat Damaged Skin on Nose from Restylane Injection? (photo)

2 1/ years ago a dr injected my nose tip with restylane. He injected in areas other than I asked and injected too much. I still have a white looking... READ MORE

Will Skin Age Faster After Restylane Dissipates?

After restylane dissipates, what should I expect, will it age the skin faster or leave any permanent damage? READ MORE

Does the use infrared saunas/body wraps damage or reduce the effectiveness of restylane nose fillers?

I had a nonsurgical nose augmentation using restylane fillers a couple weeks ago, and I was wondering if infrared body wraps and saunas will harm... READ MORE

Hyalurondaise after restylane; does waiting too long before dissolving under eyes cause permanent damage?

I had restylane in my tear trough and under eyes. It did not work out well with my eyes and looks swollen, have ridges and dark lines under each eye.... READ MORE

Can nose filler cause permanent redness in the nose, and what to do about it?

My nose is getting redder and redder after a couple restylane injections, the last of which was 10 months ago. Many years ago I had surgery done on my... READ MORE

What are Restylane side effects? (photos)

I've been thinking about Restylane injection for my under eye hollows but what makes me freak out a little is this: what if the injection leaves... READ MORE

Risks of squeezing out Restylane under eyes? (Pls don't recommend hyaluronidase, I know it's best, see info in details)

My Restylane treatment gave me bigger bags and discolouration (probably injected too superficially). Now my doctor insists on squeezing it out rather... READ MORE

Can massaging 2 month old Restylane injections in my nasolabial folds cause damage and sagging to my underlying skin?

I got 2 syringes of Restylane 2 mos ago. I started to use massage in the hopes of helping it to dissolve faster. It feels as though I'm flattening and... READ MORE

Eye bags and puffy dark edema after Restylane - Hyalase resolved this, but it's returned? Why? Am I damaged permanently? (Photo)

Restylane injected undereye which caused huge problems - Dr overfilled and badly bruised me, leaving Tyndall effect for 8 wks insisting it was normal.... READ MORE

I was injected with Restylane 2 months after rhinoplasty. I ended up having major damage. Is this malpractice? (Photo)

I had rhinoplasty done in June 2013 and was unhappy with pinched tip results. My surgeon suggested that restylane would help widen the tip. He first... READ MORE

Is Restylane or Juvederm safe if I have metal facial implants?

I was in a bad accident that left me with severe facial damage. The left side of my face was reconstructed using metal implants. I want to get filler... READ MORE

Is this normal? No permanent damage? Treatable if does not go away? Can I use Arnica cream? (photos)

I had Restylane yesterday around my mouth, above top lip & marionette lines & now have lots of tiny red dots where he injected (he did lots of tiny... READ MORE

Skin Damage from Saliva accumulating in corner of mouth due to Filler? How to treat given skin sensitivity? (photo)

Restylane on 30th October. My lips became increasingly sensitive, fragile, raw and seemed to rub off if I touched it, I sought the advice of a plastic... READ MORE

Hit in face 10 hours after Restylane injection! Did I damage or shift fillers?!

I just got my under eye fillers touched up today and I accidentally hit my face pretty hard with the corner of a down pillow. I saw stars. Now on my... READ MORE

Will Restylane under eyes be damaged by heat applied to that area?

I had Restylane injected under my eyes several months ago by a surgeon to correct some noticeable protrusion. Anyway, I have a problem with chronic... READ MORE

Lips ruined by Restylane? (Photo)

I posted a few weeks ago a picture of my lips after Restylane, this is them now. The lines are on the side of my upper and lover lips are worse and... READ MORE

Can there be damage to the lymphatic drainage system around the eyes from Restylane injections in the tear trough?

I went to have injections to my tea trough area with a new doctor, when he saw me he said he thought some of my puffiness was due to a lack of... READ MORE

I'm 23 yrs old and have deep hollows. Any suggestions? (photos)

Past few years my hollows have become unbearable to look at. I used to feel attractive now I'm self conscious, I look rather gaunt. I'm tempted to get... READ MORE

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