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Had Restylane Inserted Around Nasolabial Folds and The Creases Look More Defined Instead of Less, Normal?

I am a 26 year old female who had Restylane injected into my nasolabial folds just today. The entire 1cc was used on both sides. It is now 6 hours... READ MORE

Can Nasolabial Restylane Be Placed Too High and Cause Smile Creases?

I had Restylane 1ml in my naso folds 6 weeks ago. Right after I had chipmunk cheeks, when I smiled huge creases under my eyes that I never had.... READ MORE

39 years old, Restylane, microneedling. Is it possible that Restylane will not fill the creases?

I had restylane skinbooster treatment no 2 ( out of the series of 5) 3 days ago. I see no positive result. What concerns me is labial area only , at... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Results w/ Restylane - Free Correction?

After my doctor injected me with 3 serynges of Restlyane, under my nose and in the parenthesis around my mouth, the right side is visibly more puffed... READ MORE

Crease is still there after Botox and Restylane. Is there anything else I can do? (Photo)

I treat my glabellar lines with Botox (every 3 months). The pictures are 1 week after .5cc Restylane right in the glabellar furrow (red line down the... READ MORE

I have suffered with deep creases/eye bags for 5 years which seem to be hereditary. Am I a good candidate for Restylane? (Photo)

Also I have fine lines under the eyes - is there a way to treat these? Would Botox help? My under eye area makes me look constantly tired and older... READ MORE

Do I need filler in these lines or is this caused by poor placement in cheeks? (Photo)

I had restylane injected in tear troughs & something thicker (I think sculptra) done in my cheeks over a year ago. When I smile, I have a deep... READ MORE

Will Restylane be the best thing right now to help my eyelid asymmetry following Asian bleph? (photos)

It's been two years following my ptosis and combined eyelid surgery on my right eye and my crease was made too high. My eyelid looks thick and... READ MORE

27 year old female developing nasolabial folds. Best options for reducing the rapid appearance? (photos)

I am a thin 27 y/o female who looks younger, but my nasolabial lines are now giving me away.I take great care of my body through nutrition &... READ MORE

Restylane in Nasolabial folds move from smiling too much after procedure?

I had my Nasolabial folds injected w Restylane last Friday. My face looked awesome afterwards however now less than a week later I feel as if the... READ MORE

Is it normal to develop swelling and redness 4 days after Restylane? (Photo)

On Thursday I got Restylane injections and had no visible swelling. Today (Sunday) I woke up to find an area swollen, red, and the crease seemingly... READ MORE

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