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Restylane, Botox, or Laser Treatment for Under Eye Wrinkles?

Hi there! I just turned 40 and noticed these horrible wrinkles under my eyes when I smile. They are just fine lines when not smiling. I don't really... READ MORE

Will the Usage of Night Creams Affect Restylane Results?

I was injected with restylane a couple days ago i was just wondering if i could use night creams or any type of cream to fight hollows under eye... READ MORE

Can I get rid of the darkness caused by filler under my eyes and around my mouth? Could this be hemosiderin staining? (photos)

About 4 weeks ago I received Restylane and Restylane Silk to fill under my eyes and Juvederm and Restylane Silk to fill in marionette lines.... READ MORE

Black under eye after Restylane fillers. Any suggestions? (photo)

I did a dermal filling a week ago.. I don't see a big difference and I have got circles under my eyes. It's been almost 5 days now.. It's looks the... READ MORE

What would you recommend for my under eye issues: sun spot, crepey skin wrinkles, and tear trough hollows? (photos)

I'm 33, medium brown/tan complexion, the rest of the skin on my face is youthful looking, but underneath my eyes the skin is dry, kind of... READ MORE

Is this normal? No permanent damage? Treatable if does not go away? Can I use Arnica cream? (photos)

I had Restylane yesterday around my mouth, above top lip & marionette lines & now have lots of tiny red dots where he injected (he did lots of tiny... READ MORE

Had Restylane nose injection today. Is this just a bruise or something worse? (photo)

I had a Restylane Lyft injection in my nose in the radix about 6 hours ago and got a bruise maybe 5 minutes after the injection. At first there were... READ MORE

Just a few questions on my experience with restylane lip filler. Cream still hurts & I have swelling? (Photos)

I had lip fillers 2 weeks ago, I had 7 local anaesthetic injections around my lips, As the cream still hurt. the next day I had swelling all over my... READ MORE

Track marks from Restylane. Will these fade?

I had Restylane injected six weeks ago and Juvederm 9 days ago as I needed a little more. I have bluish/purple track marks from the needle. Will these... READ MORE

Post Restylane complication, odd rash and bumps -- solution? (Photos)

Facial PS injected Restylane in tear trough with .25 (tiny amount), no immediate issues. Minimal pain / discoloration. Five hrs later, small rash... READ MORE

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