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Restylane Side Effects

I am planning on having Restylane done on the lines that lead from nose to jawline. Has anyone had any bad side effects from Restylane or from the... READ MORE

Restylane Under Eyes - Known Risks and Complications?

I have very fair skin and hollow ridges under my eyes that I was born with. I'm researching treatment, and became interested in Restylane, but it is... READ MORE

Can I Have Permanent Nerve Damage from an Intraorbital Nerve Block for my Restylane Injections? (photos)

On Tuesday I had 1ml of Restylane injected into my upper and lower lips. I have had this done 4 times previously, by a different doctor. The previous... READ MORE

Complications and Bloodclot After Restylane? (photo)

Please help me, I just got 1ml Restylane injected in my nose, after the shot, i was ok, but when i woke up the next day, My forehead seemed to swell... READ MORE

I Had Restylane Under Eyes Today, But was Vascular and my MD Wants to Use Hyaloronidase. Will I Be Uneven?

My md said ,it is case of vascular injection and gave me nitroglycerin and advised hot compress .wants inject hyaloronidase tomorrow.since problem is... READ MORE

[Urgent] Need help with complication diagnosis after Restylane injection on nose. (Photo)

Hi Doctors, I had Restylane on my nose yesterday (a touch-up after 2 weeks) and it appears some complication. I noticed some red spots under my skin... READ MORE

When is it safe to inject Restylane into nose bridge, chin and nasal folds?

When is it safe to inject Restylane into nose bridge after primary tiplasty? Are there complications if my fat grafting dont last and I inject... READ MORE

Restylane complication. Please help! Waiting for Derm doc to call me back... (photos)

I had restylane injected under both eyes to treat "bags" 6 weeks ago. Became very swollen and bruised. Swelling never completely resolved. 3 weeks ago... READ MORE

Restylane reversal? I have had restylane in tear trough. Not happy with results.

One eye looks smaller than the other did he over fill one eye and bags are still there. I want to reverse it . Any good advice what kind of enzyme is... READ MORE

Under eye filler complications (blindness)?

Hello, yesterday I got restylane injected into my lips and underneath my eyes. I'm very swollen and sore now but I guess that is normal. So far I have... READ MORE

Possible complications of overfilled tear troughs

Is it possible that overfilled tear troughs (restylane) will lead to facial changes? Eg, the face will have to adjust and grow around the filler. It... READ MORE

Is Restylane or Juvederm safe if I have metal facial implants?

I was in a bad accident that left me with severe facial damage. The left side of my face was reconstructed using metal implants. I want to get filler... READ MORE

Is my lip infected or had some sort of complication? What do I do? (Photo)

I had filler injected 4 days ago and now all my lips look great except for the top right side which is still very swelled and a little tender. I went... READ MORE

Should I use the rest of my Restylane in my lips?

I had gotten a little over half a syringe of restylane about a month ago. I have an ap at the end of this week about the rest of it. I love my results... READ MORE

I've had restylane in my lips for the second time. I know the normal side effects. Can you tell me more about embolization?

What would be the signs that the filler were injected into a vessel and there was a serious complication such as a clot? How soon could that happen ?... READ MORE

Post Restylane complication, odd rash and bumps -- solution? (Photos)

Facial PS injected Restylane in tear trough with .25 (tiny amount), no immediate issues. Minimal pain / discoloration. Five hrs later, small rash... READ MORE

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