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Best Treatment for Chin Dimpling and Marionette Lines?

My chin (and hands but that's another story) is what somewhat gives my age away. What is the best treatment? Restylane, Juvederm, Botox/Dysport or a... READ MORE

Restylane Safe After Radiation Treatment?

I had radiation treatments on my neck for base of tongue cancer.It subsequently damaged the skin on my chin, and caused many wrinkles. I would like to... READ MORE

Chin Dimples Worse After Filler to Grooves in Corners of Mouth and Chin

I just had Restylane injected into the moderate grooves at the corners of my mouth. There was also filler placed in both sides of my chin, in the... READ MORE

Can Restylane Shift from One Area to Another?

About a month ago, I had a small amount of Restylane put in the outer corners of my chin (to reduce jowling) by a PS. But the filler has migrated up... READ MORE

Do Restylane or Perlane Hurt Hair Follicles?

Does restylane, perlane, hurt hair follicles? Exercising reduce the longetivity? I am a guy and if i inject some on my face (jaw or chin), does it... READ MORE

How long does Restylane last in the chin area?

I am looking into having chin injections to bring my chin forward. I was wondering how long it would last and if Juvederm Ultra would be a better option? READ MORE

What can be done about filler that has migrated and decended to my lower face?

I've restylane and its migrated and decended to the lower portion of my face which has created an uneven jowl look and strange dimples in my chin when... READ MORE

What Do I Do if I Seriously Think I Got Ripped Off? No Results After 4 Days

I prepaid for a chin revision and restylane lip fillers to be put in while under anesthesia. I questioned on here about the amount being high at 4cc... READ MORE

Restylane Allergy (Granuloma) Puzzle?

How can I have an allergic reaction on my chin with Restylane and not on my forehead (which had very good results)? Both injections done at the same... READ MORE

Derma Rolling After Restylane?

I had restylane injected into some pitted acne scarring on my cheeks and chin about 3 weeks ago and have seen little to no results. I have to wait 6... READ MORE

I had shingles almost a year ago and have a few scars on my chin. Could a filler help? (Photo)

I know its a virus, but, its very painful and would not want my vanity to trigger anything! (blonde in pic) Thanks so much, Lauren READ MORE

Why did I get an acne breakout after fillers?

I got a pretty decent acne breakout on my chin after having my chin injected for more projection / length with Restalyne... I've had restalyne... READ MORE

After Restylane injection on chin, dark bruise, am I in danger? (photos)

This is my first time to have Restylane injected on my chin . I had it around more than 48hrs. The bruise are getting darker . But the pain is fading ... READ MORE

When is it safe to inject Restylane into nose bridge, chin and nasal folds?

When is it safe to inject Restylane into nose bridge after primary tiplasty? Are there complications if my fat grafting dont last and I inject... READ MORE

Bumps from Restylane injections above lip. What can be done? (Photo)

I had $1500.00 of Restylane injections above my upper lip done on May 3. Over a month later, I still have bumps in the area of injections. I also had... READ MORE

How many sessions to get rid of Restylane along jawline/chin/marionette? (photos)

4 weeks ago I let a surgeon inject 3 mls of Restylane along jawline/marionette. (I didn't feel this was a problem ares, but trusted his advise and him... READ MORE

Wasting a syringe of Restylane and 25 units Botox??? (photos)

Had 2 vials of filler and 25 units Botox on 5/4. Love my lips, pebbling in chin area gone, but after calling 5/4 and speaking with front desk (they... READ MORE

Vigorous exercise after Restylane?

I'm getting Restylne w/ Lidocaine in my lips, nasolabial folds and chin on monday.. Ive done this before and had mild swelling. My question is can I... READ MORE

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