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Syringe or Cannula? Which is Better for Injecting Restylane in Tear Trough? (photos)

I'm interested in getting Restylane in my tear trough area. I have hereditary dark circles and some thinning in the skin. Which injection method is... READ MORE

1 months post op Restylane tear trough, I have two ridges. Is this normal? (photos)

Hi, I had Restylane placed in the tear troughs using a cannula to reduce eye bags. However as you can see I have two ridges. I initially thought these... READ MORE

Looking to fill hollows under eyes in NY, NJ, or CT

I had eye hollows filled but had a vessel nicked.Result was a black eye & worry about blindness in future treatments.Not open to surgery & have no... READ MORE

What is the better delivery of fillers to the tear trough area, needle injection or micro cannula?

Considering having under eye hollows filled conservatively. Which method and filler (restalyne, restalyne silk, juvederm ultra or plus ?? Also which... READ MORE

Is there a reason my lip filler doesn't last more than a month?

I've tried restylane and juvederm ultra in my lips on numerous occasions. I've tried different Doctors to do the treatment too. I've also tried the... READ MORE

1 months post op, did I over filled with Restylane?

I had Restylane injects over a month ago into my tear troughs. However it actually worsened my appearance with two long ridges from the point of entry... READ MORE

5 days after fillers, my tear trough is again becoming hollow. I had 2ml Restylane, 1ml for each eye (Photo)

Hi, i had 2 ml of restylane 1 ml for each eye tear trough and i kind of liked the results . but after 4 days my eyes again became hollow and even... READ MORE

Restylane injection - black eye. The surgeon did not use a cannula. Should she have?

I got restalyne injected under my eyes and ended up with a black eye and swelling underneath only one eye. The surgeon did not use a canulla, but... READ MORE

I'm almost 29 and want to look as young as I feel. Yet my tear troughs are holding me back! (Photo)

Had tear trough injections about 8 months ago. 0.5cc of Restylane under each eye using the microcannula. Is this a good choice for now as well? READ MORE

Can u still bruise using cannula under eyes were Restylane?

Just had eye Dr do it. I have what looks like a shiner. When I pull the skin it comes with it, so I'm not sure if that's a bruise or Tyndall or a hemo... READ MORE

Restylane injection method question for under eye hollows

I was told by a well respected cosmetic doctor here in Holland that he doesn't use a cannula because Restylane will last longer and help build... READ MORE

What is this swelling after tear trough treatment? (Photo)

I had Fillers injected into my tear trough around 4 weeks ago. She injected the filler using a Canulla. I bruised afterwards and now the swelling has... READ MORE

What product would be best to treat my tear trough area? (photos)

Is the cannula method for they eyes a good technique for this area? Is my fair skin to light for fillers? READ MORE

Swelling or too much Restylane under eye? (photos)

I had my first restylane treatment last Saturday morning? It was done by a doctor using cannula. I was fine Saturday. Sunday morning when I woke up... READ MORE

Swelling almost 6 weeks after restylane in tear troughs?

I had restalyne injected 6 weeks ago. she had a problem inserting the cannula under the left eye which caused swelling. after healing i've been... READ MORE

Why do they always say Restylane causes extreme swelling compared to other fillers? Is this true?

Is it possible to have no crazy swelling from restalyne injections with a canulla? Does the filler always change in size months later? READ MORE

Why is Restylane in my tear troughs now swelling my cheeks?

I had micro droplets done around the eyes, and my doctor did not want to use a cannula for proper placement. Right after, it looked good-slight... READ MORE

Can someone please list a few referrals for a reputable doctor in Dallas who does fillers using cannula technique? (Photo)

I'm having a tough time finding a doctor that does fillers for under eyes using the cannula technique. I'm interested in having Restylane injected in... READ MORE

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