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Why Does Restylane Cause Little Bumps Under the Skin?

A lot of people say that after their restylane injections, they can feel bumps under their skin for a long time.  Why does this happen to some... READ MORE

How Should I Deal with Bumps and Bruises After Restylane?

I had a Facial Plastic Surgeon inject this filler under my eyes on September 5th, and they've caused certain bumps and bruises. I've had to hide... READ MORE

How Long Before Restylane Bumps in Tear Troughs Go Away?

I had Restylane injected in my tear troughs 9 months ago. After I had it done, you could see a little bluish mark under each eye where it had been... READ MORE

Best Way to Get Rid of Restylane Bumps

I had restylane injected under my eyes to get rid of the extreme dark rings that were there. A few days later I noticed that bumps appeared in that... READ MORE

Bags and Bumps After Restylane Under Eyes

It has been 1 week since I had my under eyes injected with Restylane. There is a large bag like area under my left eye. I massaged the area like I was... READ MORE

Bumps After Restylane Lip Injections

I have two small bumps on my lips from the Restylane. The doctor injected my lips from the outside. Should he have injected the lips from the inside?... READ MORE

Will I Return to Normal After Restylane is Dissolved?

About 4 weeks ago, I had Restylane injected in the trough of my eyes. Later on, I developed lumps on the area, with bluish-tinge under my eyes. Will I... READ MORE

Treatment for Enlarged Sweat Glands Due to Restylane?

I have these unsightly bumps above my lip that look like blackheads but have been told they are enlarged sweat glands. They tend to get larger in the... READ MORE

Bumps Insider Lip After Restylane

Its been 6 weeks since I had half a cc in my top lip and when I touch the inside of my lip there are bumps. Is that the Restylane? If not how do I... READ MORE

Restylane Injected in Lips, Have Bumps on my Lips When I Smile. Look Like Blisters. Will it Subside?

I had Restylane injected in my lips April 11, this is Day 15.. I have bumps on my lips that are noticeable when I smile. Looks a little like blisters... READ MORE

Tiny Bumps From Restylane Under Eyes

I had restylane under my eyes and along the upper part of my cheek near the cheek bone, today, 7 hours ago. I have a bruise, and some swelling,... READ MORE

Bumps Appeared 2 Weeks After Restylane

I had Restylane 2 weeks ago. Everything was smooth, although I was bruised for a week. Now, 2 weeks later, small bumps appeared under my skin on one... READ MORE

How to Treat Bumps from Restylane Injection to Nose 2 Years Ago? (photo)

Two years ago a plastic surgeon injected too much restylane in my nose.Without prior knowledge, he inject me in 4 areas around the nose and standing... READ MORE

Worm-like Bumps After Restylane

I received Restylane injections over a year ago for laugh lines. Instead of diminishing the lines, it created two worm-like bumps under the surface... READ MORE

Dissolving Restylane to Tear Trough and Cheek Area. (photo)

3 month ago I had Restylane injections to my tear trough and cheek area, and now they look even more weird and bumpy . I'm wondering if I can get rid... READ MORE

Restylane Filler on my Upper Lip Left It Bumpy and Slightly Uneven! I Got Restylane on my Upper Lip Only 5 Days Ago? (photo)

Before getting this my doctor began to tell me that my lips were so tiny I would only need a small amount and could save the remaining portion and... READ MORE

Does Restaylyne Cause the Look & Feel of Bb Pellets on the Lips when It Was Applied to Outside Edges of the Lips?

Does Restaylyne Cause the Look & Feel of Bb Pellets on the Lips when It Was Applied to Outside Edges of the Lips? READ MORE

Dissolving Restalyne Bumps?

Apx. 4 weeks ago I had restalyne under my eyes by Dr. Gilbert Lee of Changes Plastic Surgery in San Diego. Once the selling went down I noticed... READ MORE

Can restylane be dissolved safely?

I had hollowness under the eyes and had a half syringe of restylane injection 17 days ago. I had no swelling or bruising the second day. But the on... READ MORE

Why have I developed swelling and pain suddenly 6 weeks after restylane injection to eliminate 'smokers lines' on lips?

This is my first experience with fillers. I bruised terribly for the first three days or so. I haven't had any problems since and have been happy that... READ MORE

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