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How Long Do the Initial Results of Restylane Last Between the Nose Bridge and Forehead?

I recentlu had a restylane injection on top of my nose bridge to smooth a bump out and was wondering how long the visible effects will be seen?... READ MORE

Does Restylane Last Longer After the Second or Third Injection?

I've had a non surgical nose job using restylane 2 months ago and i was happy with the results but i have seen some of the results go already. I... READ MORE

Fillers in the Nose?

I had Restylane removed from nose a 4 days ago and I am set to go in for Rhinoplasty surgery next Monday, the filler was place by my Dr. to add volume... READ MORE

When is it safe to inject Restylane into nose bridge, chin and nasal folds?

When is it safe to inject Restylane into nose bridge after primary tiplasty? Are there complications if my fat grafting dont last and I inject... READ MORE

Restylane removal from nose.

I had Restylane to one side of my nose and bridge and a small amount behind the tip on the other side. I am in the in process of having it removed and... READ MORE

Dermal filler to fill gap ob bridge nose?

One side looks more fuller than other side and my eyebrow seems heavier but also had botox in forehead and the administrator said I had droopy eye... READ MORE

Tear Trough Filler Infection - biofilm?

Tear troughs injected for second time in 3 months with restylane. eyes were still quite hollow after the first round. One syringe was used last time... READ MORE

Non-surgical rhinoplasty swelling- 48 hours after restylane. Is this normal? (photo)

Hi, 48 hours ago I had a non surgical nose job at a respectable practise who has significant experience. The results were instantly desirable however... READ MORE

Half a syringe restylane non-surgical nose job 6 mo ago - today I realized all of the filler is almost gone. (photos)

I had it placed above my bridge bump and a little before the tip for a straighter profile. Apparently it dissolved much quicker than expected for me... READ MORE

Its it possible to use fillers, such as Restylane to get the look I want ? (photos)

Look at my photos please I have got different answer but basically I want a natural look I want my nose to appear slimmer less flare on my nostrils, I... READ MORE

Non surgical Nose Job? I read that restylane would be a good filler? (Photos)

I want to build up my dorsum, and I read that restylane would be a good filler because I want a longer result and filler that can give the appearance... READ MORE

Restylane made rhinoplasty tip worse?

I had surgery only on my nose tip last year around Octobr & I went on 2get restylane fillers on my bridge & tip Acouple of days ago, &it worsend my... READ MORE

Post rhinoplasty circles under eyes.

I am a month PO from rhinoplasty. My eyes swelled bad and I had black eyes for 3 weeks. When the brusing went away I was left with dark circles under... READ MORE

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