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Blueish Tint/bruising from Restylane on Cheeks

I had my cheeks filled in with Restylane to fix hollowness. At one point, the doctor said he would use an un-crosslinked hyaluronic acid to smooth... READ MORE

How Do You Get Rid of Restylane "Track Marks?"

A client had Restylane injected into her nasolabial folds 3 years ago.  Although the product is gone, she still has blue "track marks"... READ MORE

White Blanching After Facial Filler, Is It Permanent?

9 wks ago i had Restylane in marionette lines. After 5 weeks both sides developed blue hue (tindall effect?) More concerning shortly afterwards both... READ MORE

Restylane Bruising Still Blue and Swollen

I had Restylane under my eyes, along the tear trough area. The doctor said it would help my under eye wrinkles. It's been 1 year and 3 months. He... READ MORE

Filler to outer lip line left me with blue tinted lips and it's lumpy 4years after

Hi I had restylane injected to my upper and lower lips jut around the soon as he'd done it I noticed it was like a white lump all round the... READ MORE

Blue Dot after Restylane (Sub Q) Nose Filler?

I've been getting nose filler since 2009. (sub Q restylane). I got again in 2011 ,couple months later, I sighted blue dot on my nose tip. I thought... READ MORE

I had half a syringe of Restylane under the eyes 2 weeks ago. Is the blue Tyndall effect permanent? I can see the filler.

And now I can see the filler where it was injected and it is blue tindel affect I am beyond upset, I honestly did not even need the under eye are done... READ MORE

Can Restylane cause skin discoloration? My doctor suggested that my over the counter multiple vitamin is causing it.

Last October I had 2mL of Restylane injected in my nasolabial folds and aroun my cheek and chin. In June of this year I noticed that this area had a... READ MORE

Has anyone had any luck using the a switch laser under the eyes to remove Restylne?

I had a bad experience with the blue tindell affect under the eye, I don't want to do hydrolonaise so am wondering if q switch laser wouid help get... READ MORE

Tyndall effect or just temporary bruise? (photos)

I had my tear trough 6 days ago, injected with restalyne.. The doctor injected .5cc each my tear trough. Now the days past i can see blue color in my... READ MORE

Bluish bags: filler not injected correctly - wait it out?

I have researched and I have come to the conclusion that my filler was not injected correctly. Can I just wait it out and wait for it to dissolve of... READ MORE

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