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Restylane Applied Under my Eyes to Get Rid of the Dark Circles Under the Eyes? (photo)

I got restylane injections under the eyes to get rid of the dark circles. Unfortunatly, the doctor hit one blood vessel and I had a massive bruise for... READ MORE

Restylane fillers in tear trough. Should I be worried that my eyes are drier than usual?

I got restylane fillers under my eyes a few days ago. There hasnt been any bruising or swelling, but my eyes are a bit dryer than usual. It must be... READ MORE

I believe that the restylane given to me 3 weeks ago was injected into my blood vessels? (photo)

Immediately after injection my forehead became bruised and spread to my top of forehead where it was not injected. Is there anything I can do at this... READ MORE

I had Restylane fillers below my eyes. 2 weeks later I have a burst blood vessel in one eye. Should I be concerned? (Photo)

I had Restalyne fillers 2 weeks ago below the lower eyelid around the orbital bone and tear troughs - the area that is typically inferred when one... READ MORE

Restylane Injected into a Blood Vessel, Temple, Plugged Vessel Initially and It's Too Late for Proper Treatment. Now What?

Follow-up inquiry. Finally diagnosed properly. Not shingles. Doc says I have to wait it out. I'm upset, still in pain, sores and dark places on side... READ MORE

Can I have Restylane in a depressed scar on the tip on my nose that is still surrounded by blood vessels?

I went to the doctor to check a angioma spider on the tip of my nose, I have it from birth. And the doctor did a biopsy . I didn't have cancer. But... READ MORE

Do I have the Tyndall effect? (Photo)

I had 1/2 a syringe of restylane injected under each eye a week and a half ago by a plastic surgeon. She hit a blood vessel and I have a bruise under... READ MORE

Are restylane under eye hollows, are fillers under the muscle safer?

Hello everyone Is injecting filler under the muscle as an eye hollow treatment safer than above the muscle? I am especially concerned by the risk of... READ MORE

Just a few questions on my experience with restylane lip filler. Cream still hurts & I have swelling? (Photos)

I had lip fillers 2 weeks ago, I had 7 local anaesthetic injections around my lips, As the cream still hurt. the next day I had swelling all over my... READ MORE

How soon after getting Restylane injected would an occlusion of a blood vessel show up?

Yes, I am one of those.... I am paranoid of the risks and I want to know when I'm in the clear for this risk. It's been about 36 hours since I was... READ MORE

Are nurse practitioners in CA allowed to do off-label uses of fillers with no physician on site?

Injected in tear troughs. Never met with NP before. Had only restylane and wanted to do restylane again. Running special and heavily upsold. Never... READ MORE

Will my face scar due to lip filler injections causing compression? (Photo)

I've recently had to hylase the filler out of my lip due to hitting a blood vessel or suffering with really really bad bruising and compression, it... READ MORE

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