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Is it normal for my lips to be bigger in the morning? Restylane (photo)

I had a little over 1ml injected into my upper lip 2 weeks ago. At first it was placed more towards the back of my lips. My doctor brought me in 4... READ MORE

Can You Make Eyes Bigger with Injections?

Can you make eyes bigger, fatter with injections my eyes are not that big for canthopexy i think could you please give me your honest opinion Thank... READ MORE

9 days after Restylane treatment and my under eye bags (tear trough) look worse than before treatment, is it normal? (photo)

Went to a real plastic surgeon,not an injection clinic.Said upon consultation to change my lifestyle and come back in 3 months if I still wanted it. I... READ MORE

1 syringe of Restylane in upper lip? (photos)

I had one syringe injected of restylane in my upper lip about 14 hours ago and I have the dreaded duck lip. I had juvederm last time (about half a... READ MORE

Is it possible for Restylane to cause bigger pores?

I got my cheeks with restylane for a smoother skin. The same day after the procedure I noticed that the enlarged pores I have, one of them appears... READ MORE

I had Restylane injected into my lip yesterday. It looks ducky and bigger than my lower lip. What should I do?

Today my upper lip doesn't look swollen but it looks ducky and bigger than my lower lip. What should I do? READ MORE

Bumps on hands after Restylane injections.

I had Restylane injections on my hands two weeks ago and at first they looked great but now I developed bumps on my hands that start small and seem to... READ MORE

Under eye bag after injecting Restylane, what are my options?

I had Restylane injected under my eyes to get rid of the hollow look. The results were fantastic when I was at the medspa however when I got home I... READ MORE

Lips larger on left side. Any suggestions? (photos)

Had my lips done 6 days ago, 0.5cc restylane but to me my left side looks off. I have contacted the nurse that administered it and she had said it... READ MORE

Dissolvable fillers in jaw in May (Restylane?). Woke up now and jaw on one side swollen. Swollen area spread to under lip. Why?

Swollen area is getting bigger. Not painful unless I touch it. swelling not squishy, more like hard lump. Can feel it a lot if put my finger in mouth... READ MORE

Atrophic scarring: is subcision needed before filler? (Photos)

I am 10 days post my second round of restylane. I went in hoping to get the residual bumps assessed and get the atrophic area injected with more. But... READ MORE

Fillers and Acne, is this normal?

I have filler (restylane) in a specific area in my forehead where I had a deep scar. Occasionally if I get a pimple in this area, it seems that the... READ MORE

Restylane made rhinoplasty tip worse?

I had surgery only on my nose tip last year around Octobr & I went on 2get restylane fillers on my bridge & tip Acouple of days ago, &it worsend my... READ MORE

Restylane in right side of upper lip is very firm, somewhat painful when massaged. Any suggestions?

I got half a dose of restalyne injected in my upper lip about 3 days ago. They looked even after injection, but a few hours later I noticed the right... READ MORE

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