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Restylane and allergies. Any suggestions? (photos)

I've been waiting to get restalyne injections because I've been terrified of possible side effects; but I'm so fed up with not liking what I see in... READ MORE

What are the long term risk of Restylane?

I think I am interested in subtle lip augmentation. I am learning about Restylane and fat transfer. The risk of lumpiness for fat injections worried... READ MORE

Can Someone Suggest a Good Dr That Knows What They're Doing with Restalyne in Katy Area Perhaps? (photo)

I've lived with under eye blue circles most of my life and just wish I could make this look better as it definitely ages you. I'm an allergic person... READ MORE

Is it safe to proceed with a Restylane top off for my tear troughs or should I wait until my allergies have subsided?

I've had Restylane under my eyes in the past with no problems. I suffer moderately with seasonal allergies; however, I can control them with medications. READ MORE

Should I give restylane under the eye another try after a bad reaction?

Had restylane under the eye for hollows a year ago and had great results at first. Went in for more and after a couple of weeks had severe swelling,... READ MORE

Doctor strongly suggested allergy test for Restylane prior to my injections. Was I ripped off?

I went to a certified dermatologist today who informed me that, while rare, it is best if I have an allergy test for Restylane and then wait one week... READ MORE

I had Restylane in the lower eye area almost 4 months ago and now my left tear trough just became really swollen.

I went back and have the dissolver injected due to some lumps at around the 6 week mark and then again around the 9 week one. The lumps never really... READ MORE

Restalyne and allergies; I have read doctors saying you may not be a candidate if you have sinus issues?

I wanted to clarify my previous question about restalyne and allergies. I wasn't asking about allergy to the restalyne - I was wondering if side... READ MORE

Restylane under eyes when you have allergies.

Every fall and spring I get seasonal allergies which cause my eyes to burn and water a lot--occasionally the upper eyelids swell a little. I have... READ MORE

I have intermittent puffiness and pain when applying pressure at the injection sites of Restylane that was inherited months ago?

I'm male and always had sinus issues because of allergies. I only have that sudden onset of swelling which changes from eye to eye, never both at the... READ MORE

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