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Will Restylane Help Hereditary Dark Circles?

I'm a 17 year old male fitness model, and was was considering having restylane injected into the tear trough area for my hereditary dark circles.... READ MORE

Restylane Surgery for 16 Year Old (Dark Circles) in London?

H, my 16 year old son has dark circles and wants to get rid of them with restylane but because of his age I am yet to find someone willing to do it.... READ MORE

I'm 15 and i have mild eye bags. Do I need to be a specific age to get this done? Where do they preform this procedure? (photo)

I'm 15 and i have mild eye bags i have quite a lot of hollowness under the eyes and it makes me look so so tired! So I'm saving up 600$ for restylane... READ MORE

How old do you have to be to get injectable Rhinoplasty with Restylane?

Hello, I am 16 years old (female) and ever since I was 15 I started to realized how much I dislike my nose. I have an ethnic nose so it is wide in the... READ MORE

Fillers/ Restlylane at 16? - Health risk?

I think that as long as the body is still growing, it is not very clever to do any plastic surgeries on it and influence or change the natural... READ MORE

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