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Can Restylane Injections Make Acne Scars on the Cheeks Look Deeper?

I have acne scars on my cheeks and had restalane injected into them. i dont think the nurse did this too often in acne scars. at first i couldnt... READ MORE

Deeper Restylane Injection to Lessen Chance of Doughnut-like Scarring?

Previously, I had Restylane in cheeks to replace lost volume and to fill depressed acne scars. Initial results/swelling were fantastic, but eventual... READ MORE

Restylane for Acne Scars?

Can restylane be used to fill in acne scars? I don't want to take the time to try lasers, i'm looking for a quick fix! READ MORE

I have pressure, tingling, and bulging vein around the eye after Dermal Filler Injection. Is this normal? (photos)

I had restylane injections on 8/1 on the forehead for acne scar, and into my upper cheeks (1/2 syringe total was used). I went to see Dr. 8/13 as I... READ MORE

I had a restylane skin booster injected in to my cheeks for acne scars and now my rolling scars look worse. What can I do?

The procedure make the scars look worse!!.. Is this product will dissolve in time ?.. As I knew wasn't permanent.. Has been 2 weeks now and I'm... READ MORE

Will injection sites after restylane ever return to normal? Will it stay looking like cystic acne?

I recieved restylane for box scar acne scars yesterday and had some injected to my lips. I look like when I had cystic acne. I feel like all my hard... READ MORE

How exactly does Restylane and Juvederm work for acne scars?

I have some shallow rolling acne scars coupled with very shallow but many ice pick and boxcar scars and two spots on my face on the sides of my checks... READ MORE

Should I go for Restylane or Laser peel for acne scars removal? (Photo)

I have acne scars in cheeks.I have very dehydrated skin. My dermatologist suggested me for Restylane Vital and Chemical peels. Also suggested not to... READ MORE

I had Restylane in my temples and cheeks for acne scars. Is it possible for the scars on my right cheek to look deeper? (photo)

I had 1cc injected in Dec 2014 and went back in Apr 2015 for a .5cc. The areas covered were temples and checks. Both procedures were done by the same... READ MORE

Derma Rolling After Restylane?

I had restylane injected into some pitted acne scarring on my cheeks and chin about 3 weeks ago and have seen little to no results. I have to wait 6... READ MORE

Restylane vs Juvederm for Acne Scars?

Due to medical reasons, I can only have hylaronic acid fillers. Which filler is better for acne scars: restalyn or Juvederm? READ MORE

I Have Bubbling and Lumpy Appearance Due to Restylane 8 Months Ago and the HA Injection Has Not Helped. Is This Tissue Damage?

I had restylane injected into a very small acne scar on my cheek 8 months ago. It left not only a depression but a raised area that does not feel... READ MORE

Doctor reused Restalyne syringe on me. Am I at risk?

I had a few acne scars and decided I'd find a plastic surgeon to fill them for me with Restalyne. I went to a plastic surgeon who had great reviews... READ MORE

Is Restylane preferred for eliminating acne scarring by injecting scarred tissue and smoothing the affected facial area? (Photo)

I went for consult for a TCA Peel but was told that wouldnt remove the peaks and valleys of the scarred skin. The Restylane would need to be a yearly... READ MORE

More restalyne for stubborn nasolabial fold or thicker filler?

I had restalyne injected into my nasolabial folds 2 weeks ago and I'm very impressed with the results on the right side but my left one seems to be... READ MORE

I had Restylane injections 3 days ago to treat my acne scars & I'm happy with the results, but after the scars were noticeable?

I've read testimonies about people having great results for the first 3 or 4 days after having hyaluronic acid fillers. I wonder which factors can... READ MORE

Restylane Vital/Skinboosters while on Accutane?

I am on a low dose accutane and would like to treat my acne scars with Restylane Vital or another Skin booster. Why does some doctors say that fillers... READ MORE

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