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Restylane in Cheeks. Changed Face Shape.

I had restylane under my eyes and in my cheeks 7 months ago. The eyes had problems, but now look great. However, I've never liked how my face... READ MORE

Darkened Skin After Restylane?

I had restylane injected under my eye area 7 months ago.the results are still pleasing;however, after all this time i still have two bean shaped brown... READ MORE

Pregnant & REALLY Want to Get Rid of Under-eye Restylane, That Looks Like I Was Beat?

I had restylane, 7 months ago before I became pregnant. It always looked like one eye was over-filled, but was told that it will sub-side. Well, now... READ MORE

Options For Treting The Tyndall Effect 7 Months Post-Restylane?

Over 7 months ago I had Restolyne injected under my eyes and cheek. I noticed a grayish blue colour under skin and i think that is Tyndall effect .... READ MORE

7 month post op Restylane injection on nasolabial fold. I have swelling ever since. Is this normal?

Had a restylane injection back in Jan 2014 , that has left my nastobial fold swollen for 7 months now w/ a cyst that keeps reoccurring that needs... READ MORE

Restylane for Muscle Hypertrophy in Tear Trough?

Hello, I had a bad experience with Restylane in the tear troughs 6.5 months ago. Had it dissolved several times, then had to have it reinjected, then... READ MORE

Hyalase to melt restylane - What are the side effects please?

I had restylane 7 months ago in tear trough.1 eye just didn't turn out good..and it still looks bad now- Is it safe to use Hyalase to melt it away?... READ MORE

Painful swelling 7 months after Restylane Silk lip injection.

I had restylane silk injected 7 months ago. Little bumps didn't go away as Dr. said they would eventually. But I was fine with then they became small... READ MORE

Orbital bone area injection of Restylane, what went wrong? What can be done? (Photo)

Restylane injected on orbital bone rim area 7 months ago. It actually magnified the fat bulge. The filler laid directly on the bulge. Ten weeks later,... READ MORE

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