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Why is the Restylane Still in my Face After 5 years?

5 years ago I had many times restylane in nose lips pucker? After that I had Teosyal in the area left from my glabella and on the right side of the... READ MORE

Can Restylane Be Added to Lips Already Filled With Permanent Silicone Microdroplets?

I had silicone microdroplets injected into my lips about 5 years ago and would like my lips plumped out a bit more. I'd like to just use a tiny... READ MORE

Tydall/lower Eye Surgery for Correction After Restylane Gave Me Bluish Bags/Hollows?

Believe or not, 5 years ago I had restylane injections done under both eyes to fill in hollow lower eyes. I still have bluish bags under both....I... READ MORE

Is it normal to have swollen 5 years after the filler injections? (photo)

Almost 5 years ago I went to my cosmetic dermatologist because I really wanted to try a filler injection. The actual injection wasn't that bad but the... READ MORE

Can Restylane be dissolved after 5 years?

Had restylane injected under both eyes 5 yrs ago with awful results! Bags I never had under bags and a bump or two. Have had one facial plastic... READ MORE

Can I correct restylane injection into nasal root with hyaluronidase?

5 years ago I had Restylane injected into the concavity where nose and forehead meet to fill that concavity to improve a hook nose look. Weeks later I... READ MORE

Can hyaluronic fillers stay for 5+ years? (photos)

I had Restalyne and Juviderm filled into the dimple of my chin. It has been 5-6 years and my chin still looks big. I can even mold tissue around the... READ MORE

How long after a hyaluronic acid injection can bumps appear?

I had hialuronic acid injections in my cheekbones in May 2011. A month ago a small, hard bump appeared under my left eye close to my nose. It is now... READ MORE

Can native tissue dissolved by hyalase regenerate?

I had hyalase to dissolve restylane 5 years ago which resulted in a much worse large asymmetrical hollow to the bone. Dr. Karamanoukian answered a... READ MORE

Could Restylane still be left after all these years? (Photos)

I had restylane injected under my eyes in 2012. Everything looked ok for 1 year. Since 2013 I have had these puffy bags under my eyes that were not... READ MORE

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