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Restylane Has Stayed Permanently in Tear Trough For Years, Why?

I had a filler injected in my tear trough and it looked just wonderful. After 18 months it popped out like a shape of a worm. My doctor said he put... READ MORE

How to Treat Damaged Skin on Nose from Restylane Injection? (photo)

2 1/ years ago a dr injected my nose tip with restylane. He injected in areas other than I asked and injected too much. I still have a white looking... READ MORE

Lump from Restalyne Under Eye?

I had a Restalyne injection under eyes 3 years ago and it looked wonderful. 18 months later a lump "Almond size" appeared and still there 2 years... READ MORE

Possible Granuloma.

I've asked on the board before. I got restylane under the eye more than 3 years ago, and it created a large fat and hard lump, that has persisted... READ MORE

Restylane does not dissolve after 3 years. Is this normal?

I had Restylane injection in my nose 3 years ago, but it is still not dissolved. I wouldn't say its not dissolved completely but my nose is still more... READ MORE

Restylane Still Not Gone After 2.5 Years and Numbness in my Cheek?

Hey, I got injections in my cheeks 2.5 years ago. The result wasn't completly satisfying (lump on my left side) but a it's supposed to go away I... READ MORE

Is this undissolved Restylane or scar tissue? (photos)

I had 1ml restylane injection 3 years ago and it looks like only 40% (or less) has dissolved. The upper image was taken 3 months after injection and... READ MORE

Undissolvable puffiness 3 years after Restylane under the eyes. What is this?

After 3 years of restalyn, I've developed this permanent puffiness that has not gone away. I've tried having it dissolved, but only areas w/ restalyn... READ MORE

3 years ago I had Restylane injected for lips. Unfortunately I developed lumps in the underside mucosal area. Suggestion?(photo)

These lumps have only subsided minimally. In the past adding filler on either side has helped the cracks that form on either side of old lumps. But... READ MORE

How many years after Restylane injections and hardness can you have it removed?

It has probably been three years since I received restylane injections around my inter eye area for hollow ness. I have a hardness on my lower Eye... READ MORE

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