2 Days Post-op + Restylane

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Restylane Injected into Vein/nerve?

I had restylane injections in my cheek and tear trough region yesterday. It is now 36hrs later and i have a strange tingling/numb feeling under one... READ MORE

Will the Usage of Night Creams Affect Restylane Results?

I was injected with restylane a couple days ago i was just wondering if i could use night creams or any type of cream to fight hollows under eye... READ MORE

Eye Almost Swollen Shut After Restylane, What Can I Do?

Just had restylane injected in my tear troughs yesterday & although I bruised right away, I didn't get swollen too much. I started to notice... READ MORE

Why my Cheeks and Lips Are Still Swollen After 48 Hours of Treatment?

Hi I had my lips injected nearly 48 hours ago and I haven't really noticed a big difference with the swelling Easing. My cheeks are very puffy and I... READ MORE

Will the Swellings Under Mouth Flatten and Go Back to Normal?

Two days ago I had fillers to help with the shadow each side of my mouth. I am worried about the 'Godfather' look that I seem to have. I have quite a... READ MORE

Is this swelling normal on day 2 of Restylane? (Photo)

Had restylane injected Friday morning and I didn't have noticeable swelling but I woke up the next day and I looked like I was stung by a bee. Is this... READ MORE

I have a lump after restylane that is getting worse. Has it been overfilled? (Photo)

Is thiis overfill ? How should it be treated? 1/2 syringe restylane 10/29. Initially only redness and slight swelling READ MORE

Had Filler Injected in Right Side of Lips, Now It's Tender And Sore, Normal?

I had filler injected 2 days ago to correct an issue with my lips. I now have a large red mark on my right cheek going up to my nose. And, my lip... READ MORE

Is this bruising normal after restylane lip fillers? (Photo)

I received restylane lip fillers 48 hours ago and I now have very dark bruising on and around the lips (see the picture). Is this normal? READ MORE

Swelling or hyper correction, 48 hours after Restylane? (Photo)

I've got my lips done 2 days ago (0.6) and I was planning to return to work today. Unfortunately I cannot do that because my lips look ridiculously... READ MORE

I Had Restylane Injections in my upper Lip, few days later Its Gone! What is the cause? (photo)

I had filled my uppper lip with restylane, with less than 1 empoule, i was happy with the result immediatly , after two days i noticed the filler is... READ MORE

Are my lips swollen from restylane lip injections or is this the permanent result? This is day 2 (Photo)

I am not sure how much product was put into my lip but I do know that more was put in my top lip than my bottem. My lips are not bruised, not do they... READ MORE

2 days after having 2 syringes of Restylane, my face is uneven. Is this normal? (photos)

I had Restylane injected on my cheeks to increase volume. I noticed that my face wasn't even immediately after the procedure but the doctor said that... READ MORE

Non-surgical rhinoplasty swelling- 48 hours after restylane. Is this normal? (photo)

Hi, 48 hours ago I had a non surgical nose job at a respectable practise who has significant experience. The results were instantly desirable however... READ MORE

I had Restylane under my eyes 2 days ago. The right eye is great but the left eye is red with small hematoma. Normal? Reaction

Right eye is great. Left eye is red and has a small blue bruise and small hemotomma. The bump is soft. I went in to correct under eye bags. Is this... READ MORE

Swelling from Restylane or too much product injected?

I just had Restylane (1 cc) injected into the lines going downward on each side of my mouth 2 days ago. I am swollen on both sides, but the right side... READ MORE

Bruising is becoming more visible 48 hrs after Restylane injection to help under eyes hollowness. (Photo)

Hi there, I had my first ever injection under my eyes for hollowness and it's been 48 hrs now and my left eye is now staring to show bruising.... READ MORE

Why do I have indentation now after receiving Restylane? (Photo)

I had Restylane injected two days ago. Swelling is going down but bruising is very dark and it seems as I have an indentation now by the bruising that... READ MORE

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