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What Kind of Care is Needed After Radiesse?

What should a caregiver expect?  What is the recovery process like?  READ MORE

Radiesse for Lip Wrinkles?

I have had Juvederm for Lip augmentation. The thing I hate about it is the bruising that comes along with it. I am very fair (Irish blue/white fair)... READ MORE

Proper Way to Inject Radiesse?

I had Radiesse injected twice now--once in the nasolabial folds intraorally, as instructed by the Radiesse sales representative in the room. There was... READ MORE

Can Radiesse Fix Big and Small Wrinkles on the Lip Area?

My primary age problems are wrinkles above the mouth (below the nose area). The second problem is the line or deep wrinkle that comes on each side of... READ MORE

Will Radiesse Injections Cause Keloid Scars?

I have keloid. I am going to have Radiesse done around the mouth. Is this safe? Will it scar? READ MORE

Does Radiesse Work on Thick Facial Skin?

I am 67 years old and had one Radiesse injection 6 months ago below my mouth around my chin. The lines seemed filled in at the time but now the... READ MORE

What is causing these wrinkle like lumps/folds around my mouth at age 25? (photo)

I have these wrinkle lumps/fold around my lips that get even worse when I smile. I was wondering if it is possibly perioral mounds or deep nasolabial... READ MORE

Do fillers just not work for some people?? (photos)

44 yr old woman & never felt that I was that bad to require so much filler. However it seems I get a filler, looks great for a wk then I see... READ MORE

I am a working mom and am currently breastfeeding. I need an alternative for preventing and getting rid of wrinkles (Photo)

Hello! I'm devan and am 28 years old. Im a busy mom of a 1 and 2 yr old. I am currently breastfeeding my one year old but it's a lot more difficult... READ MORE

Is it a common procedure to mix Radiesse with saline to fill small lines and wrinkles?

My doctor mixed saline with Radiesse and injected the solution to the smile lines on my face, including on some lines in the middle of my cheek (that... READ MORE

Need help with finding a Dr to get Radiesse taken out. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had Radiesse done 2004 in my lips. 10 years later it's still there. It's horrible looking and feeling. I want it out and don't know if it's possible... READ MORE

Radiesse for eye hollows and wrinkles. Botox for forehead? (Photo)

Over the last year my face has thinned significantly. Eyes have hollowed, deep wrinkles have formed! I feel 30 going on 60. I know radiesse is a good... READ MORE

Are there any side effects of using the Radiesse shot? Age 27.

Hello, I would appreciate if a doctor can give me his/her opinion about the radiesse shot. I am 27 years old but I already have some wrinkles around... READ MORE

Radiesse 2 weeks ago and I hate it! Please help!

So about two months ago I got 1 syringe of voluma in my cheeks and just 12 days ago I got 1 syringe of radiesse in my upper cheek area, temples and... READ MORE

I had Radiesse injected in tear trough now I have wrinkles, is there anything that can be done?

Is there anything that can be done for the wrinkles? I believe the skin stretched so much during the selling I received unwanted wrinkles :( READ MORE

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