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Can This Be Corrected? Unhappy With Tear Trough Treatment with Juvederm Ultra Plus Followed by Radiesse (photo)

A month ago I received treatment with Juvederm Ultra Plus for tear trough area. Post treatment I looked worth than before (left side looked uneven... READ MORE

My Nose Appears to Be Getting More Pointed with Fillers? (photo)

My nose has started to look thinner with one side if the nasal opening is more narrow and my mouth corner is dropping after my doctors nurse began to... READ MORE

Could Radiesse Injections Have Compromised Cheek Muscles?

I had radiesse injected 14 months ago. My cheeks look like they're being pulled down. My cheeks were high and defined before the injections but now... READ MORE

Nasal swelling & redness following radiesse? (Photo)

I had radiesse filler in my naso-labial lines and cheeks 2 days ago. I have some swelling but no bruising other than my right nostril is now painful,... READ MORE

Should I go to a different injector?

A few weeks back I had Radiesse injections in my NF and marionette lines. She told me one syringe would me more than enough. She did my injections and... READ MORE

Radiesse in cheeks, is this swelling normal? (photos)

I had Radiesse in upper and mid cheek area yesterday, I understand that swelling can occur but I have swelling over my whole eye on the side that was... READ MORE

Radiesse two years post. (photo)

Dr. injected Radiesse upper check area. Ever since I have kidney shaped bruising on both sides at injection site, the left being the worst. Nothing I... READ MORE

Tear trough bruising after Radiesse filler 5 days later it's still getting worse, is this normal? (photos)

MD is experienced plastic surgeon (25+ yrs) and expert injector. 1 vial of Radiesse used for tear troughs and upper cheek area. Very happy with... READ MORE

Can a laser treatment for bruising 4 days after injection cause Radiesse to form hard lumps in the skin?

I had my 1st Radiesse injection in marionette lines and I bruised badly. 4 days after the injection I had a Dr. recommended laser to help bruising... READ MORE

Red nicks from radiesse and PRP treatment.

I had radiesse done 2 weeksago and 3 days later my left face from side of my mouth up to my forhade turn pink then my dr give me antibiotics now they... READ MORE

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