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Radiesse Injections for Temple Area?

The area around my temple has lost its fat content and my face really sinks in there. it was recommended to me have Radiesse injected there. I am 52... READ MORE

Will Repeat Radiesse Sessions Give More Cheek Volume?

I had Radiesse done about 5 months ago and only put in one syring 1.3cc to my cheeks, a tad in the cheek folds, and some for cheekbone. I am 30 and... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Radiesse or Juvederm to better fill Marionette lines, mouth & chin area? (photos)

Repost w/pics, 44 F Looking to fill Marionette lines & chin area to restore that youthful volume around the sides of my mouth & chin beneath my lower... READ MORE

Can I Add Radiesse to Fill out my Cheeks a Little More After Having Had Juvederm Ultra??

I just had Juvederm Ultra in my cheeks but I need more volume. How long would I have to wait after Juvederm Ultra to add more volume? I would love to... READ MORE

Chances of Radiesse Migration from Cheeks?

I am considering Radiesse to increase lost volume in the cheek area. What is chance of this substance drifting to another area of the face? Is there... READ MORE

Radiesse for Area of Bone Loss?

I have both fat and bone loss with aging and my face is thin. At bedtime I wear an occlusial split made after a bad TMJ trauma. The thing is, when I... READ MORE

Will Radiesse give me the volume in my cheeks and around my mouth that I'm looking for? (Photo)

I've been considering getting a facial filler for over a year now because of the flatness I see in my cheeks and the unappealing look of the... READ MORE

Can Volume in the Cheeks After Radiesse Injections Diminish with Ultrasound Massages?

It has been a week since I got Radiesse injected into my cheeks. I find them to have to much volume. Will this distributed better the product in my... READ MORE

How Would I Find a Doctor in Greenville, SC with a Lot of Experience and Good Reputation for Radiesse?

I have lost weight and want to add volume to my face. I know you can get good results from doctors with a lot of experience. How can i find a doctor... READ MORE

I have a bad red mark with puss drainage after Radiesse filler in chin. Any suggestions?

I had Radiesse injections to add volume around my chin. The fillers on the left side and around the bottom of my chin are fine, but the ones on the... READ MORE

Can Radiesse injections into jaw at the angle of the Jawbone, & into the masseter damage branches of the facial nerve?!

I'm male & have had great nasolabial/lip filler and voluma treatment on my cheeks. My injector has never done Jawline strengthening on a guy before... READ MORE

Higher cheekbone after Radiesse/Sculptra, can something be done to fix this? (Photo)

The injection of two vials of Radiesse and two vials of Sculptra has left me with a very pronounced curve in my cheekbone. There is no granuloma, just... READ MORE

Can I have Radiesse and Juvederm fillers injected in the same area?

I had Radiesse injected in my upper cheek 6 months ago, and would like to add more volume. Where I go now for non-surgical procedures, they do not use... READ MORE

I had Radiesse injected .07 on one cheek & .03 on the other cheek. I did NOT know this product wasn't dissolvable. Suggestion?

How long until I notice it is dissolved or the volume of my cheek bones go down? I'm really depressed with the outcome and wish I was more educated... READ MORE

is it safe to get radiesse and juvederm voluma at the same time?

I had juvederm voluma injected in my cheeks few days ago I don't feel I have enough volume I'm considering getting radiesse is that safe to do? READ MORE

What are my options to treat this area? (Photos)

Over the years I´ve realized I´ve lost volume around the mouth area. I want to get this area tight again and get rid of those hollows, nasolabial f... READ MORE

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