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Uneven Swelling After Radiesse Injection

Had Radiesse to cheeks 3 days ago, saw doctor the next day over concerns about uneven swelling on left side. Doctor says he believes a blood vessel... READ MORE

Swelling, Brusing and Uneven Shaped Cheeks and Chin After Radiesse

After having radiesse injected yesterday by my dermatologist I am disfigured. My left side is bruised, swollen and has a huge lump. I no longer have... READ MORE

Uneven Nasolabial Fold Results from Radiesse Injection

I once received Radiesse for nasolabial folds. One side was perfect. The other was not. The side that was not stayed red for at least 2 months and... READ MORE

Unevenness After Radiesse to Jowl Line

I had Radiesse injections into jowl line last year and it worked fine. Did it again a day and a half ago and now one jowl is very noticeably larger... READ MORE

Post Radiesse Swelling and Hardness Normal 1 Day Post Op?

I had Radiesse injected 24 hrs ago. I had cheekbone area, nasolabial folds done and also around my mouth and chin to fix rough texture due to collagen... READ MORE

Radiesse - I Look Like a Different Person. Is There Really Nothing That Can Be Done to Fix This? (photo)

I had .5 cc radiesse injected deep in each cheek 14 days ago. It's changed the shape of my face - like a different person. I am very sad. My left... READ MORE

I Didn't Get Enough Radiesse in my Cheeks, What Can I Do To Fix This?

Hi. I am a 43 yr old female. I have these lateral lines that go across my cheeks that I have had since birth and they have gotten worse as I have... READ MORE

Do You Recommend Radiesse in One Cheek? (photo)

My right cheek is more plump then my left cheek! It is definitely noticeable when I smile. (I had silikon 1000 for acne scarring months ago, and most... READ MORE

Is It Too Soon to Tell if I Radiesse Was Overfilled?

I had Radiesse and Belotero injected into my naso labial fold 2 days ago. One side of my mouth looks a little bit plumper than the other and I can... READ MORE

How soon after Radiesse is injected, does it set? Can you manipulate the product after swelling goes down?

I had Radiesse injected to correct volume loss in my checks. On side looks perfect. The other side looks like the filler is uneven, in the wrong sot &... READ MORE

My cheeks are uneven due to the filler injection that the doctor gave me. Is he obligated to fix it free of charge?

A month ago i went for a Radiesse injection because of the dip in both my cheeks.I wanted to fill the dip and give me a slight volume in my cheeks... READ MORE

Uneven nasolabial lines. What should I do? (Photo)

I got radiesse and Voluma in my cheeks, however I think I need more fillers on my nasolabial lines, they are assymetric when I smile and I also have... READ MORE

Could Radiesse Injections Have Compromised Cheek Muscles?

I had radiesse injected 14 months ago. My cheeks look like they're being pulled down. My cheeks were high and defined before the injections but now... READ MORE

Is uneven lumpiness normal after Radiesse injections in the cheeks?

Received Radiesse injections in an area on my cheek where I had a depression from a large cyst removal years ago this morning. I now have an uneven... READ MORE

Does Radiesse ever fully go away?

I had radiesse about two years ago. It was injected very unevenly - 1.5 syringes in the left side of my face, up at my temple, close to the eye and... READ MORE

This is my Radiesse 4 1/2 weeks for pre jowl culpus and I have a lumpy right side. (photos)

This is my Radiesse 4 1/2 weeks for pre jowl culpus and I have a lumpy right side. I was told to press on it and some days it's flared and some days... READ MORE

Perlayne left my right side of mouth bulky and uneven....left side was done really great. Why such a difference? (photo)

Ok, so it's been about 7-8 weeks since I had a Radiesse injection to my pre jowl culpus. My doctor injected Perlayne next to my mouth, marionette... READ MORE

Remove Radiesse + Holes from Cortisone injection. HELP!!!! (photos)

I had a chin inj. with radiesse in august 15. sadly it went wrong and the sides of my chin got thick+swollen. my doctor gave me cortison inj. to trim... READ MORE

Uneven Augmentation with Radiesse Filler to Chin?

I recently had half a syringe of radiesse to augment the height of my chin. Now that swelling is 80% subsided I can see and feel certain areas that... READ MORE

Uneven after 3 months. Should I have it redone now?

Three months ago I had Radiesse injections in the cheek bone area. The right side of my face has deflated. The left side is the same. Should I have it... READ MORE

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