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Radiesse Cheeks

I am 36 and am considering Radiesse to give fullness to my cheeks a lift and help alleviate the hollowness under my eyes. I am scared to do injections... READ MORE

Can I Get Radiesse Removed?

Does anyone know how long Radiesse last under eyes?  READ MORE

Radiesse for Sunken Eyes?

I'm 47 years old. I went for a consultation looking to find serums or products for my face. The lady I saw said not to waste time with products... READ MORE

Long-lasting Solution for Eye Bags, Sagging Skin, and Nasolabial Folds?

I am 42 and not happy with two things: bags under eyes (bigger on my right side) and loss of fat on my face. I maintain my body weight by controlling... READ MORE

Radiesse or Juvederm for Under Eye Hollows?

I have under eye hollowness and would like to know which non-surgical procedure would be the best. Is it Radiesse, Juvederm, or something... READ MORE

Fluid Sacks (Like Deep Blisters) Under Eyes After Radiesse

Had radiesse to smooth cheekbone to undereye (orbital rim?) over two weeks ago. One side looks great, the other has ridge- maybe more so(radiesse... READ MORE

Revanesse Swelling - What Can I Do?

I had 2 mls of Revanesse in my undereye, cheeks, nasolabial and lips 8 days ago. I'm still very, very swollen and hate the look. Dr. tried a... READ MORE

Is This Tear Trough Swelling Normal?

I had 1.5cc's of radiesse injected under each eye 50 hrs ago. Instead of getting a dental block, I opted for the lidocaine to be mixed in with the... READ MORE

I've Read That Using a Vibrator Will Help to Break-up/smooth out Radiesse? Please Tell Me It's True!

Although embarrassing, I hope this is true. Despite going to a board certified FACIAL plastic surgeon (I also contacted the state to be sure he... READ MORE

Radiesse Migrate into the Lower Eyelid Area

I had Radiesse injections recently for facial augmentation. During the procedure, I felt a strange mildy sharp tingling under my left eye and now... READ MORE

Radiesse Vs. Fat Injections: Treating Facial Depressions

I need more direction and honest suggestions with regard to Fat injection. I am 30 years old, and wanted to get a filler to fill a small depression... READ MORE

"One of the Best" Cosmetic Dermatologists Wants to Inject Radiesse and Sculptra Under Eyes - Thoughts?

I just went to "one of the best" cosmetic dermatologists in dallas to explore getting restylane injected for my tear troughs. Instead, she... READ MORE

Bluish Discoloration Under Eyes from Radiesse

I had Radiesse injected into my tear troughs as well as my nasolabial folds three months ago. Initially, there was terrible swelling and dark bruising... READ MORE

Could Radiesse Cause Impetigo or Cellulitis?

Hello, I had radiesse injected into the nasal labial folds on my face about 4 weeks ago. I initially had some bruising and swelling but that went away... READ MORE

Radiesse 1 Year Ago - When Will Swelling Under Eyes Go Away?

I had radiesse injections placed under the eye area over a year ago, and the area is still swollen. Certain days will look way worse. And one eye is... READ MORE

How Long for Radiesse Nightmare to Dissolve Under Eyes?

A board certified plastic surgeon convinced me to have radiesse under the eyes in the tear trough area three weeks ago. One eye is sunken, yet puffy... READ MORE

Swelling After Radiesse for the Under Eyes

I had Radiesse to help with density and dark coloring under the eyes. However, I ended up having swelling and discoloration, and it's been 2 weeks.How... READ MORE

Can I Wear Swim Googles the Day After Getting Radiesse Injections Under my Eyes?

Can I Wear Swim Googles the Day After Getting Radiesse Injections Under my Eyes? READ MORE

Radiesse Nodule Under Eyes

I had Radiesse injected under my eyes 8 1/2 months ago. (Biggest mistake of my life!!!!!!) One eye continues to have a large nodule (pea-sized, tear... READ MORE

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