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Redness and Tender Thats Persist 3 1/2 Weeks After Radiesse is This Normal?? (photo)

Hi i had radiesse injected over 3 weeks ago to the bridge of my nose and tip to smooth out a small bump.. it came up immediately with a circular red... READ MORE

I Had a Sharp, Almost Electric Pain with Injection of Radiesse in the Hollows of the Temple Area?

Two weeks ago I had Radiesse injected into the cheeks. Two days ago, I had Radiesse put in the sides of my temples above the cheeks to balance the... READ MORE

Are There Any Future Benefits from Tolerating Lumps from Radiesse?

I have lumps around my mouth, tenderness between my eyes, pellets on my jawline. Any benefits to this mess? Once dissapated will I get any positive... READ MORE

Persistant Redness After Radiesse Injection in the Bridge of my Nose and Tip, Is This Norma?

Its three weeks since my injection and i still have a red circular spot on the tip of my nose its tender to touch and seems to get worse in the cold... READ MORE

Why would I have swelling and tenderness 2 months after Radiesse?

There is mild swelling and a small hard lump. There was festooning under both eyes, usually in the AM but now it is gone on the side with the swelling... READ MORE

radiess infection and hard as a stone.

About 3 month ago I had a radiesse injection in my nose. Once the radiesse was injected next day cause an infection, so I went back to the doctor and... READ MORE

I thought I was injecting Radiesse but it was BLT numbing cream. What should I do?

2 cc to the Left jaw line...36 hours out...swollen and red. No blanching and no ache. Tender to touch and edema...also some swelling to submental.... READ MORE

Tenderness, "heavy" and numbers feeling 2 weeks after 1cc Radiesse into chin dimple. Also crooked smile. Suggestion? (photo)

2 wks ago went 2c RN injector to have cleft chin filled used Botox to chin and 1cc of Radiesse 2 wks l8r smile is crooked and chin is SORE and its... READ MORE

Could my nose be fractured or could it be that the filler migrated? I have a bump and its tender.

A month or more ago I got a radiesse filler went back for a retouch. I saw my nose swell up on the right side when the syringe hit the bone. It went... READ MORE

Hard limp persists under chin 6 months post chin filler! Worried. Cancer?

Had Radiesse put into chin approx 6 mo After injection I had abnormal swelling and a hard pea size lump under my chin underneath jaw bone. followed up... READ MORE

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