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Radiesse Injections for Temple Area?

The area around my temple has lost its fat content and my face really sinks in there. it was recommended to me have Radiesse injected there. I am 52... READ MORE

What is the Safer Option for Filling in Temples: Radiesse or Sculptra. Which is More Likely to Cause Bumps?

I want to get my temples filled as there is a hollowness in that area. I was wondering what is safer for filling that area? The last time I had... READ MORE

Is Radiesse a Good Filler to Take Care of Loss of Volume in Face?

Is it possible to inject Radiesse in front of the ears, the temples and in the back of the ear lobes, In order to get a natural look, with a face lift... READ MORE

Hello There, I Am Thinking of Having Radiesse Filler Injected into my Temples for Volume, Where Exactly is It Injected?

I am confused, where exactly is radiesse injected into the temples? is it under the skin or under the muscle? under which facial layer exactly? thanks. READ MORE

I Had Radiesse Injections in my Cheeks About 5 Weeks Through Temple. Causing Headaches, What Can I Do?

The Dr used a long needle and entered thru the temple to the cheeks. I expressed concern about going thru the temple but she said not to worry it... READ MORE

Does Radiesse ever fully go away?

I had radiesse about two years ago. It was injected very unevenly - 1.5 syringes in the left side of my face, up at my temple, close to the eye and... READ MORE

Is there any danger or a risk to have a different kind of filler in the Temple (hollow temples) area of the face?

I had Aqualift filling at my temple area in my face 5 months ago because I have lost weight with exercises my temples looked bony. However, it seems... READ MORE

Will my face calm down after Radiesse on upper cheeks and temples?

Had Radiesse 4 hours ago and I have bumpy ridges on both cheeks with one far worse than the other. Im so scared this will be a mess - I look awful.... READ MORE

Radiesse nightmare. Will my face ever go back to its previous appearance?

I got talked into getting radiesse in my jaw, chin, temples, and cheekbones four months ago. Doctor ruined my facial proportions. Found out later that... READ MORE

How much Radiesse is too much? I was 28 when I was injected with 9 vials of Radiesse between April-October 2015.

Is this excessive? Three were layered on my temples, three layered on my cheeks, and two layered in my jawline, and one in nasolabial folds. I... READ MORE

Fluid retention from Radiesse possible?

I had Radiesse injected into the temples. After about a week I noticed fluid retention around the eyes. The Dr said it's impossible to have fluid... READ MORE

Can Radiesse migrate from temples into cheek area?

I had Radiesse injected into the temples. Straight away I saw volume there but after about a week the volume started decreasing in the temples and... READ MORE

How do collagen fillers show up on scans? Had an MRI recently after having Radiesse in my temples and jawline 20 months ago.

 The report stated 'The filler material has turned to collagen and is seen deep to the skin in the tissue between the skin and the bone in the... READ MORE

Radiesse and Sculptra - options?

I recently had MRI scans (with contrast dye) after receiving an excessive amount of Radiesse and Sculptra (to my cheeks/chin/temples) and these scans... READ MORE

Can Radiesse be added on top of sculptra for Temple area?

I have radiesse injected into the temple area 2 months ago but result is still not satisfying, i was reading how amazing the sculptra can help with... READ MORE

Radiesse 2 weeks ago and I hate it! Please help!

So about two months ago I got 1 syringe of voluma in my cheeks and just 12 days ago I got 1 syringe of radiesse in my upper cheek area, temples and... READ MORE

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