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Radiesse for Nasolabial Fold? Best Method?

Dr wants to put radiesse on cheek above the fold, he said it will reduce the fold . I thought it will create deeper fold when the weight press on. If... READ MORE

Radiesse Injection Technique-internal (Through Mouth) Vs External?

Is it true that it is safer to have Radiesse injected externally rather than internally (up through the mouth into the cheeks)? I am very worried... READ MORE

Injecting Radiesse Under the Muscle for Tear Troughs

I had Restylane injected in the tear troughs, under the muscle, but it did not last long (3 months). I am guessing it was because it was under the... READ MORE

Bolus Technique for Radiesse?

I just wanted to know some doctors' thoughts about using bolus technique for Radiesse. READ MORE

How should Radiesse be injected to create more chiseled, masculine features in a male patient's face? (Photo)

When injecting Radiesse into the face of a male patient who wishes to achieve a more masculine, chiseled look (like the actor in the photos), what... READ MORE

I Had 3 Vials of Radiesse Injected Mostly on my Cheekbone, a Bit in the Hollows of my Cheek. Is This Normal? (photo)

She made a point of tapping the bone with the needle, said it would last longer. I have not seen anyone else using this method.Now 7 weeks have past... READ MORE

Can the Injector's Experience and Technique Impact the Longevity of Radiesse on the Cheeks and Jowl Areas?

I once received two 1.5cc syringes of radiesse in the cheek and jowl areas, by an M.D. and these lasted five months. Ten months later, I received five... READ MORE

Which Technique for Injecting Radiesse Will Give the Best Results?

Cause of weight loss and ageing, I am thinking about radiesse for loss of face volume. There are different techniques that doctors perform. I read... READ MORE

Radiesse complications - what to do next?

I had my fourth round of Radiesse 16 months ago. I had an MRI scan last month and it shows that the filler is still under there (in the cheek, jaw and... READ MORE

What is the difference between injecting Radiesse using one puncture point versus three separate puncture points per cheek?

Doctors use different techniques to inject Radiesse into cheeks. One uses three separate injections to fill Radiesse along the cheek area. The second... READ MORE

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