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How many syringes of Radiesse for my nasolabial folds would I need? (Photo)

I hate my nasolabial folds! iIwant a facelift, but am not in the position to get one at this time. I thought in the meantime, I could get radiesse for... READ MORE

How many syringes of Radiesse are typically needed to define the jawline? (Photo)

Also, can it increase duration if they are injected with a few weeks in-between instead of injecting all of them at the same time? READ MORE

Are the results of Radiesse in the cheeks ever permanent?

I got Radiesse injected (1/2 a syringe) in my cheeks in October 2015. I had had Radiesse injected several times before over the past few years and... READ MORE

Will Radiesse harm a pregnancy?

I know it's a contraindication to be injected while pregnant, but I found out I was pregnant the week after having two 1.5cc syringes injected into my... READ MORE

Is it possible that the radiesse got under my levator labii alqaque nasi muscle?

3/4's of a syringe was injected in the little triangle areas where the underside of the nose and upper nasolabial folds meet. Initially, the levator... READ MORE

Should I be concerned with the fact that she told me one would be enough and it was not? (photos)

I did have a consult with this injector prior to having my injection and she assured me 1 syringe would be more than enough to get me excellent... READ MORE

I was told by a plastic surgeon Radiesse can last longer then a year. Is this true?? (photos)

I had 1 syringe of Radiesse split between both cheeks & injected 7 months ago. It doesn't appear to be breaking down. I hate the results. It... READ MORE

How much Radiesse would I need? (photos)

Hello Doctors, I am considering getting Radiesse to augment my chin, since I don't want to go under the knife.. How many syringes would I need to... READ MORE

Should I go to a different injector?

A few weeks back I had Radiesse injections in my NF and marionette lines. She told me one syringe would me more than enough. She did my injections and... READ MORE

Are these chin augmentation results attainable with Radiesse? How much should be used? (photos)

I am considering getting a chin augmentation with an implant and I photoshopped a couple of pictures to see what my results could possibly look like.... READ MORE

Fillers. I suspect that the injector I go to reuses the syringes. Is this dangerous?

I suspect that the injector that I go to for fillers reuses the syringes because she will use a little Radiesse and Voluma, however, she does use a... READ MORE

Radiesse and Voluma effects in chin and jaw gone after 4-6 months. Is this normal?

On 07/22/15, I had a syringe of Voluma injected in the right side of my jaw to achieve symmetry. I also had a syringe of Radiesse in my chin to... READ MORE

Can the stimulation using the back of my Clarisonic help break down Radiesse more quickly in my cheeks?

I'm not crazy about the look... I received one syringe (half each cheek) about 3 months ago. READ MORE

One session of Radiesse in the nose. Should I continue with the touch up at the two week review?

I have had radiesse injected into my nose once. I have since learned that although radiesse will dissolve, it will leave permanent scar tissue. After... READ MORE

Radiesse swelling is massive in cheeks. Any suggestions?

I had 2 syringes of Radiesse put in today. Just in the cheek/cheekbone area. It loks very angular and super puffy. The side view is the worst. I am... READ MORE

Could my nose be fractured or could it be that the filler migrated? I have a bump and its tender.

A month or more ago I got a radiesse filler went back for a retouch. I saw my nose swell up on the right side when the syringe hit the bone. It went... READ MORE

What are my options to treat this area? (Photos)

Over the years I´ve realized I´ve lost volume around the mouth area. I want to get this area tight again and get rid of those hollows, nasolabial f... READ MORE

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