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Radiesse or Juvederm Ultra for Smile Lines?

Is Radiesse or Juvederm Ultra better suited for smile lines? I am referring to oral commisures (corner of mouth) and marionette lines. Also, would 1... READ MORE

Is 36 Too Young For Radiesse To Smile Lines?

I am 36 and considering to correct my smiling lines.Am I too young?How much would that cost for only those lines?Thank you READ MORE

Why Do I Have Jaw (Toothache-like) Pain After Radiesse Injection?

I had 1.8 radiesse injected into my smile lines below my mouth. I had to have more on the left side and this resulted in considerable bruising on the... READ MORE

Unnatural Results After Radiesse in Smile Lines

I had Radiesse in my smile lines and it is too full and looks very unnatural. I would like it to be dissolved as soon as possible. Is there anything... READ MORE

Why Does One Side of my Face Droop Down when I Smile After I Have Had Radiesse Injected on Both Sides of my Smile Line?

It's been 10 days since I had Radiesse injected on both sides of my smile line, and now, one side of my face is drooping and looks like I had a... READ MORE

What else Can I Do for my Smile Lines? (photo)

I have small parentheses lines around my mouth. I have tried two different fillers to get rid of this, but neither seem to completely get rid of them.... READ MORE

How Long for Radiesse Swelling to Go Down?

I had Radiesse injections yesterday to smile lines between the nose and mouth. My upper lip is swollen. I look like a Who from Whoville. I'm using ice... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Undo Radiesse or to Shorten It Lifespan?

I went to my doctor's seeking a filler to even out and fill in my smile folds. The doctor had a two for one syringe sale of Radiesse, and talked me... READ MORE

What Are the Immediate Effects of Radiesse?

I just had Radiesse on my smile lines and the between my brows. The doctor furrowed it up on either side of the line between my nose, and one side of... READ MORE

Had Radiesse but Smiles Lines Still Very Noticeable. What Should I Try at my Next Follow Up?

I had 1 syringe of Radiesse injected in the nasolabial folds with a little bit into the "apple" of my cheek near the nosr. On my follow up I had... READ MORE

How long does it take before I start to notice some of the Radiesse in my cheeks start dissolving?

I had Radiesse put in my cheeks 5 weeks ago to help my smile lines (naso folds). Instead, my cheeks are so puffy that the smile lines are more... READ MORE

Would you recommend fillers for my moderate nasolabial folds? (Photo)

I'm 32 and considering Radiesse for my smile lines. Is this appropriate for my age? I've had prominent smile lines since my early 20s. I'm concerned... READ MORE

I had radiesse filler in my nasolabial fold and smile lines. Will the redness and heat in my face get better?

Will the rednnes ever go away and white dots that I see on both side of the face where I was injected .plss Iam really scared and worried haven't been... READ MORE

Would Radiesse lift my smile lines and fill my cheeks?

I am getting Botox and juvaderm next month. I like the doctor and office I choose but I had a question. My main concern was my smile lines and loss of... READ MORE

Is it a common procedure to mix Radiesse with saline to fill small lines and wrinkles?

My doctor mixed saline with Radiesse and injected the solution to the smile lines on my face, including on some lines in the middle of my cheek (that... READ MORE

White patches inside my mouth after Radiessse, should I get them biopsied?

I had radiesse injected around my mouth for my smile lines and now have lumps on both sides of my mouth that I can feel (and see in some lights ) but... READ MORE

Can Botox or Radiesse cause a twitchy smile?

I recently had Radiesse into my smile lines, cheeks and chin area and about 2 units of botox ea for crows feet. The doctor put a little more filler on... READ MORE

Smile shake after Radiesse?

I recently had Radiesse put into my smile lines, cheeks and chin area. The doctor advised me he put a little more on the right side because it was my... READ MORE

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