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Radiesse or Juvederm Ultra for Smile Lines?

Is Radiesse or Juvederm Ultra better suited for smile lines? I am referring to oral commisures (corner of mouth) and marionette lines. Also, would 1... READ MORE

How To Avoid A Joker Smile After Fillers?

I noticed on women who get facial fillers such as Radiesse or Restalyn around the mouth area seem to sometimes have a "joker smile" look...... READ MORE

Radiesse Sagging - Would More Filler Like my Cheeks?

The Radiesse I received was one syringe used along my nasal labia folds and at the point of my cheek bones that is nearest my nostrils. I hate the... READ MORE

What is causing these wrinkle like lumps/folds around my mouth at age 25? (photo)

I have these wrinkle lumps/fold around my lips that get even worse when I smile. I was wondering if it is possibly perioral mounds or deep nasolabial... READ MORE

Immobile top half of cheeks when smiling, after Radiesse to apples/cheekbones. Would a thinner filler be better? (Photo)

The top half of my cheeks look almost the same whether I'm smiling or not: it does not move much or change shape like normal cheeks would when you... READ MORE

Radiesse for getting rid of some shallow some deep, off centered chin dimples? (photos)

I wanted an alternative to surgery, and I found some articles on Radiesse for chin augmentation. I want to get rid of my chin dimples...but I'm unsure... READ MORE

Can Botox or Radiesse cause a twitchy smile?

I recently had Radiesse into my smile lines, cheeks and chin area and about 2 units of botox ea for crows feet. The doctor put a little more filler on... READ MORE

Any suggestions on Radiesse?

Hi, I would like to put a complaint about how radiesse injections have ruined my face. I had the injections 2 years ago and I'm still dealing with a... READ MORE

Improved muscle weakness over time. can I ever expect full recovery?

About 12-16 months ago (I can't remember exactly) I first noticed that the right side of my face had some paralysis and it was pretty bad. Over time... READ MORE

Why do I have a bulge in an area where Radiesse was not directly added when I smile & can it be corrected? (photo)

I had radiesse over a month ago in the sides of my cheeks to fill in hollowness (already had filler in the nasolabial fold area) & she also put some... READ MORE

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