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Can Radiesse Be Used As a Butt Filler?

My uncle lives in Peru and a famous plastic surgeon there used Radiesse to increase the size of his butt dramatically. She refused to use silicone due... READ MORE

Can Radiesse Be Injected into the Lower Third of the Nose, Tip and Columella?

I have heard radiesse can be use to strengthen cartilage in the nose. I know that radiesse has to be injected deeply. Is this in the subcutaneous... READ MORE

Is Radiesse Safe with People with Lupus, Especially Long-Term?

I've had systemic lupus for over 19 years, it is under control with Plaquenil. I've had the patch test done, no problem. Is it safe to get... READ MORE

Radiesse in the Nose?

I had Rhinoplasty a year ago. And I have a little dip or curve on one side of my nose. My PS said it wasn't worth going under the knife again for... READ MORE

Are Fillers Safe for a 23 Year Old?

My left cheek does not protrude as much i was wondering if i could inject some radiesse in the weak cheek to make it stick out as left side is this... READ MORE

Radiesse and Facial Ultrasound

I had Radiesse injections in my nasolabial folds about one and a half year ago. I recently made an appointment for a facial, and the esthetician wants... READ MORE

Radiesse 2 under my eyes? (Photo)

So, I have pretty deep grooves under my eyes (tear through) and always had, even when I was a kid. I'm 25 now and have decided that I don't want to... READ MORE

Is Radiesse a safe filler?

I would like to augment my cheeks with Radiesse. After reading so many bad things about Bio-Alcamid permanent filler, I am a bit afraid about... READ MORE

Is it ok to mix fillers together that are different from each other?

I just got radiesse in my cheeks 2 weeks ago and I need a touch up. But now I am at a location where I cannot get radiesse and can only get HA... READ MORE

I am a working mom and am currently breastfeeding. I need an alternative for preventing and getting rid of wrinkles (Photo)

Hello! I'm devan and am 28 years old. Im a busy mom of a 1 and 2 yr old. I am currently breastfeeding my one year old but it's a lot more difficult... READ MORE

Non invasive Brazilian butt lift?

I am interested in getting the non invasive Brazilian butt lift. I just spoke with a doctor who said I can use either radiesse or sculptra but he... READ MORE

Are fillers safe for people also using medication to treat acne? I currently use a topical cream called tactuo.

I am a male in my mid-30s and am considering getting a filler to address sunken cheeks after weight loss. I currently use a topical cream called... READ MORE

Can Radiesse be injected superficially?

I want to get Radiesse injected in my cheeks i want to know is it safe to inject it superficially? I want it to look noticeable and not deep in where... READ MORE

Is it safe to mix Radiesse and Voluma?

I've been getting radiesse on my jaw for a few months now but I would like to switch to Voluma due to longer lasting effects. I just got radiesse on... READ MORE

Can F5fu injections help dissolve Radiesse? How safe is it?

I have a lot of allergies including intolerance to antihistamines and NSAIDs. Could I get a reaction to it? Please list pros and cons. READ MORE

Is Radiesse a safe option to correct middle vault collapse temporarily while waiting for rhinoplasty revision? (photo)

13 months now since initial rhinoplasty Was starting to look very unatural. I got a second opinion and confirmed my fear of a nasal vault collapse.... READ MORE

Can I have Radiesse and Juvederm fillers injected in the same area?

I had Radiesse injected in my upper cheek 6 months ago, and would like to add more volume. Where I go now for non-surgical procedures, they do not use... READ MORE

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