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How Do You Know if You Were Injected into an Artery with Radiesse?

I heard you can die from this. How do you avoid injecting into an artery? My doctor injected me in the cheek and it turned white, started pulsating,... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Go Jogging when Face is Still Swollen from the Radeisse Filler Injection

Got Radeisse filler injection for nabasotal two days ago. Is it safe for me to workout and go running while my face is still swollen from the radeisse... READ MORE

Will Radiesse Have Any Effect on Pregnancy?

I am interested in having Radiesse on my nose. My husband and I are also planning to have a baby in about 4-5 months. Will Radiesse have any effect on... READ MORE

Does Radiesse Dissolve Naturally?

And would you be left with big lumps and bumps after treatment READ MORE

Risks of Bone Formation After Radiesse to Chin Area?

I am considering radiesse for a slight chin lift... but I was reading about how it can lead to unwanted bone formation if injected deep, which I... READ MORE

Radiesse Injection Technique-internal (Through Mouth) Vs External?

Is it true that it is safer to have Radiesse injected externally rather than internally (up through the mouth into the cheeks)? I am very worried... READ MORE

Is Radiesse Approved for Above the Bridge of Nose/between Eyebrows?

After injecting around my mouth and jowl area the ENT then took it upon herself to inject me between the eyebrows, an area which I have had botox... READ MORE

Can I Wear Swim Googles the Day After Getting Radiesse Injections Under my Eyes?

Can I Wear Swim Googles the Day After Getting Radiesse Injections Under my Eyes? READ MORE

Risks of Radiesse While Breast Feeding?

Can I get Radiesse when nursing my 11 month old son? READ MORE

Does Radiesse Cause Serious Diseases Such As Cancer?

I don't have much nose bridge and also my nose tip is not pointy enough. So, I'm planning to take Radiesse to build the bridge of my nose and for the... READ MORE

Can Radiesse Increase my Chances of Getting Calcium Oxylate Kidney Stones?

I have several small calcium oxylate kidney stones now. I am concerned that the calcium in Radiesse might increase my changes of getting more stones.... READ MORE

Can Radiesse Affect Breast Augmentation Surgery and Result?

I'm considering having a non-surgical Rhinoplasty via Radiesse injection. If this Radiesse injection is done a week or 2 weeks before breast... READ MORE

Risk of Granulomas After Radiesse?

Is there a risk of granulomas months/ years after radiesse injection into n/L fold READ MORE

What is Risk of Infection with Radiesse Post-Cheek Implant Removal?

Dear Doctors, three month ago I got my cheek implants removed due to infection. I'm considering to fill the area with radiesse. A doctor wrote... READ MORE

Is Going to a MediSpa for Injections a Good Idea?

I had radiesse injected in my cheeks about 18 months ago and was pleased with the results. Now it's time to do it again but I've moved so I... READ MORE

Radiesse 1st Treatment Scheduled, Concerns & Questions

Having 1st Radiesse treatment next week & 1st time seeing this Dr. He's running a special @ 50% off. I want to take advantage of price & also... READ MORE

How Likely is Scarring with Radiesse?

I was told that Radiesse was very safe with no "real" risks involved. I had it injected into a wrinkle in my forehead. I have since learned that you... READ MORE

Is there any danger or a risk to have a different kind of filler in the Temple (hollow temples) area of the face?

I had Aqualift filling at my temple area in my face 5 months ago because I have lost weight with exercises my temples looked bony. However, it seems... READ MORE

Can You Get a Chin Implant While Still Having Radiesse in Your Chin or is This Not a Good Idea?

I had a Radieese injection on my chin 6 months ago I know it lasts a year or more, I was wondering if I can get a chin implant next week or is there a... READ MORE

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