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How Do You Know if You Were Injected into an Artery with Radiesse?

I heard you can die from this. How do you avoid injecting into an artery? My doctor injected me in the cheek and it turned white, started pulsating,... READ MORE

Radiesse Migrate into the Lower Eyelid Area

I had Radiesse injections recently for facial augmentation. During the procedure, I felt a strange mildy sharp tingling under my left eye and now... READ MORE

Can Radiesse Complications Be Reversed?

I am planning on getting treatments for my mouth lines( which are pretty deep) My Dr recommended Radiesse which I am ok with. I am just afraid that if... READ MORE

Pain and Redness After Radiesse

I had approximately 1ml of Radiesse injected into my nasolabial folds four days ago by an experienced physician. The procedure went remarkably well.... READ MORE

Could Radiesse Cause Impetigo or Cellulitis?

Hello, I had radiesse injected into the nasal labial folds on my face about 4 weeks ago. I initially had some bruising and swelling but that went away... READ MORE

What Do You Do when Radiesse Injection Followed by Belotero Makes Me Look Like a Red Lined Racoon? (photo)

I had minor swelling with radiesse injection. Given a tiny bit of belotero afterward for slight area of swelling. Went on vacation looking great! Two... READ MORE

If Radiesse is Dissolved, then the Problem is in Biopolymer Gel? Whether is Not That's Problem?

In 2006 I injected a biopolymer gel in the are of nasolabial folds and lips, and in 2011year I injected Radiesse 0.8 to the corner of the mouth and... READ MORE

Chronic Edema After Radiesse

I had Radiesse injected along the bridge of my nose almost three years ago, and my nose remains distended, red, and swollen all along the areas... READ MORE

Redness and Numbness After Radiesse

I had Radiesse injected (from the inside of my lip) for my “smile lines” 4 days ago, and I am miserable. I have a black eye on my left side. On the... READ MORE

How to Remove Red Streaks from Radiesse Injections?

Three weeks ago I had Radiesse. Immediately following the treatment, I proactively used Arnica montana gel which quickly resolved most of the redness... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of White and Reddish Discolorations from Radiesse?

Had the same reaction to Radiesse on one side for marionette lines, awful bruising, terrible pain, those are gone but am left with a nickel sized... READ MORE

Redness and Tender Thats Persist 3 1/2 Weeks After Radiesse is This Normal?? (photo)

Hi i had radiesse injected over 3 weeks ago to the bridge of my nose and tip to smooth out a small bump.. it came up immediately with a circular red... READ MORE

I was overfilled by Radiesse. Is it possible I have an infection? Broken capillaries ? (photos)

R injected into bridge 1mnth ago. Initial swelling subsided. Now noticed swelling and redness.dr injected steroid .swelling going down.Also taking... READ MORE

I Had Radiesse Placed Under my Eyes and Now I Have a Curved Line of Redness and Lighter Skin?

It Has Been 3 Months Since Procedure and it is still there. What caused it and is there anyway to get rid of it? I would surely love input. Thank you... READ MORE

Could You Tell Me Please Where to Go and What to Do in my Situation? I'm in Russia.

In 2006 I injected a biopolymer gel in the area of nasolabial folds and lips.And in 2011the other beautician injected me Radiesse 0.8 to the corner of... READ MORE

Worried and annoyed with persistent swelling and redness 7 weeks into Radiesse. Why is it not going? (Photo)

Got R into bridge of nose on 1aug,some more on 15aug. Initial swelling subsided normally . Recently 2weeks ago, nose swelling up with persistent... READ MORE

Can radiesse cause rosacea?

After a month of radiesse I still have heat in my face and redness and some white spots wich I was told some product came to the surface . READ MORE

4 months and I still have constant pain from Radiesse filler. Is this normal?

It has been long painful 4 months . To my suffering for 4 months from radiese filler I have sinus eye pain pressure and constant facial pain with heat... READ MORE

Persistant Redness After Radiesse Injection in the Bridge of my Nose and Tip, Is This Norma?

Its three weeks since my injection and i still have a red circular spot on the tip of my nose its tender to touch and seems to get worse in the cold... READ MORE

Can Radiesse cause inflammation around the eyes and cheeks? Swelling, redness, burning pain 10 months later

Help please . I'm really confused scared in pain . I was never explained and I unfortunately have no where to turn for answers as it has been 10... READ MORE

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