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I Have a Hard Red Bump on my Chin (Radiesse Injected 1mo Ago). Spider Bite? (photo)

I have this hard red bump on my chin that kind of appeared out of nowhere. I had radiesse injected in my chin 1 month ago. I recently developed a cold... READ MORE

2 Years Post Radiesse Under Eyes and Have a Red Bump. Is This Permanent?

My doctors injected me with radiesse under my eyes 2 years ago. I still have a red bump under one eye and a lot of little white bumps under both eyes.... READ MORE

1 month post op Radiesse, there is a nodule and skin over the nose. It is red and peeling. Is this normal? (photos)

I had radiesse into bridge of nose a month ago. The dr seemed to overfill d area bet eyebrows.i didn't say anything as I thought it's usual swelling &... READ MORE

70 days post Radiesse injection & still have terrible red lumps under my eyes. IPL not working, is there an alternative? (photo)

Dr had been doing IPL twice a week and it does not seem to be working at all. Is there a better alternative to IPL. The photo is 70 days post... READ MORE

Can radiese injected superficially in both side of the face go away? How can I remove it?

I have in both cheeks radiesse injected superficially and I was wondering will it ever go away as I can see the white spots and is red and burning... READ MORE

3 months post Radiesse injections and still swollen and red. Any ideas how to correct?

Had Radiesse injected into upper cheeks to help with the hollowing of my eyes. Had nothing but problems with swelling and red welts on upper checks.... READ MORE

Years after my fillers, my face is breaking out in hard lumps literally over night- what can I do?

I recently had hard lumps removed form both under eyes that had formed after i had a filler done some 3 years ago. recently I had naso-labial fillers... READ MORE

White spots and red bruising after Radiesse (Photo)

After Radiesse in my cheeks and nasolabial folds I have tiny white spots and redness. What is this and is it serious? Is it possible to get rid of... READ MORE

Seeking answers on Radiesse complications: is this to be treated with steroids. (photo)

Lumps and redness appeared about 2 weeks after Rasiesse injections. I am concerned that this is a "chronic 'foreign body' reaction where the skin... READ MORE

How long after injection with Radiesse can necrosis occur?

I had injections with Radiesse ca two months ago, into my nasolabial folds. Since yesterday, I have a small swelling and quite severe pain on my right... READ MORE

Radiesse in jawline and cheeks to help premature sagging and pre jowls? (photo)

I'm 27 and due to losing the roundness of my baby fat face, my jowls are already starting to sag. I also have a lot of skin in my neck area and... READ MORE

Radiesse to chin - warm and red skin 3 months post. Advice please? (photo)

I had Radiesse injected into my chin with emervel having been injected a few weeks earlier, however I had asymmetry. The nurse put too much radiesse... READ MORE

Radiesse in cheeks, is this swelling normal? (photos)

I had Radiesse in upper and mid cheek area yesterday, I understand that swelling can occur but I have swelling over my whole eye on the side that was... READ MORE

I thought I was injecting Radiesse but it was BLT numbing cream. What should I do?

2 cc to the Left jaw line...36 hours out...swollen and red. No blanching and no ache. Tender to touch and edema...also some swelling to submental.... READ MORE

White patches inside my mouth after Radiessse, should I get them biopsied?

I had radiesse injected around my mouth for my smile lines and now have lumps on both sides of my mouth that I can feel (and see in some lights ) but... READ MORE

Radiesse under eyes - inflammation or granuloma forming? At which point steroids?

. It has been 18 days since the infections the bump is less i volume but is still there in reddish color. It seems that this is inflammmatory response... READ MORE

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