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I got radiesse injections in my cheeks 6 days ago. Swelling progressively getting worse. What should I do? (photo)

Whole face is swollen and painful, swelling gets worse each day. My eyes are starting to swell shut. The "dr office" that did the procedure told me to... READ MORE

I'm a 19 year old male with weak chin. Will a filler such as Radiesse work on me? (photo)

Im insecure about chin recession and always put my jaw forward for pictures to make up for it. I just want to have a normal sized chin would radiesse... READ MORE

Radiesse on cheeks. How can I make it last longer? Would another filler be better? (Photo)

I have had radiesse 3 times, every 6 months on the right side of my face. However it seems to metabolize really fast and I always go back to that... READ MORE

3.5 months after radiesse in tear troughs, will these lumps ever go away? (photo)

I complained to the doctor a month ago and he told me it would probably all "calm down" eventually. I've been walking around with these things and... READ MORE

Too much Radiesse in nose? Will it look more 'normal' within a week? Or does it look fine the way it is? (photos)

I got radiesse injections today to create a more defined bridge and I'm not sure if I'm completely happy with the results. Since I wasn't able to have... READ MORE

Would Radiesse Injections even out my Asymmetrical face? (photos)

What would be the best way to even out my asymmetrical face (due to unilateral masseter hypertrophy)? I was thinking injecting a filler to the weaker... READ MORE

I had radiesse injections yesterday. How can I speed the healing process? (Photo)

My picture is this morning after yesterday's radiesse a injections . How long will the swelling last and is there anything to help speed the healing... READ MORE

What is the best minimum procedure to eliminate beginner jowls? (Photo)

Just had Radiesse at top of cheeks to fill loose skin under eyes. Discussing injecting Radiesse along sides of cheeks to lift the jowls and lower... READ MORE

How can the shadowing at the corners of my mouth be best addressed? (photos)

I have (amongst other issues of which I am, sadly, very aware) puffy little pockets at the corners of my mouth that are driving me crazy. What can be... READ MORE

Nasal swelling & redness following radiesse? (Photo)

I had radiesse filler in my naso-labial lines and cheeks 2 days ago. I have some swelling but no bruising other than my right nostril is now painful,... READ MORE

Are ripples on the cheeks normal after getting Radiesse? (photos)

I had one needle of Radiesse injected 2weeks ago . The one needle was injected into both cheeks and the folds. I have had jervaderm done in the past... READ MORE

70 days post Radiesse injection & still have terrible red lumps under my eyes. IPL not working, is there an alternative? (photo)

Dr had been doing IPL twice a week and it does not seem to be working at all. Is there a better alternative to IPL. The photo is 70 days post... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do to make my face have the same shape it did before filler? (photos)

I was having something done to eyes & I had little laugh lines so dr said he could fix. I had only had a little filler twice b4 in Ga since I turned... READ MORE

What are my options to fix Radiesse injected in the nose that went bad? (Photo)

I got 0.1cc injected on June 20th. I model for work and this has completely ruined my self esteem and my career. I've considered a full rhinoplasty... READ MORE

I hade Radiesse injections 3 years ago, how long will these lumps last? (photos)

I have Radiesse injected into my nasal fold 3 years ago, I have the lumps developed 2 months later after the injection, my doctor said that is not... READ MORE

Getting radiesse in chin and scared! Does it feel foreign like an implant, or natural like my skin? Will it move? (Photo)

I am scheduled to have a Radiesse injection to my chin. I have some concerns. I am getting 1 or 2 syringes injected to help augment a recessed chin... READ MORE

Should I try Radiesse on my cheeks again? (photo)

I was having fillers injected, mostly Radiesse and looking better than I had in my life. And then as I sat in the chair having Radiesse filled in my... READ MORE

Too much Radiesse in nose; prior Rhinoplasty. (photo)

My nose twitched to one side like Owen Wilson's and I wanted some Radiesse on that side to even it out. My doctor's nurse had the sale price so I went... READ MORE

Is Radiesse a safe option to correct middle vault collapse temporarily while waiting for rhinoplasty revision? (photo)

13 months now since initial rhinoplasty Was starting to look very unatural. I got a second opinion and confirmed my fear of a nasal vault collapse.... READ MORE

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