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Is the Collagen Induced by Radiesse and Sculptra Permanent?

Radiesse and Sculptra work by stimulating the body's collagen. Sculptra relies mostly on the body to produce collagen while radiesse provide an... READ MORE

Radiesse and Bellafill?

I am a 28 year old female going to get Radiesse injected into my cheeks and nasolabial folds 2 months before my wedding. If I like the result I want... READ MORE

Radiesse Still in One Side of Nose After Two Years and Rhinoplasty. Will It Ever Go Away?

Radiesse injected May '09 to correct small hump to bride of nose after septoplasty. Overfilling lead to protruding area to top of nose. Went to... READ MORE

I have white circles around both eyes and malar bags that come and go from radiesse. Do I have permanent damage? (Photo)

I was injected with one syringe if radiesse in upper cheek in aug. I had a delayed reaction with huge festoons bags on cheeks. I was put in steroids... READ MORE

I'd like to get some filler for my cheeks. What would look more natural: radiesse or voluma? (photos)

I know that radiesse is not reversible, but isn't it also semi permanent? Also, my weight tends to fluctuate, and i end up losing weight in my face... READ MORE

Tingling with radiesse. Could it be permanent?

I had radiuses injected into my cheeks 5 months ago and I am now feeling tingling in the area and below. Also had jervaderm into nasal labial folds.... READ MORE

Would it be possible to remove 8 year old chin implant after radiesse?

I had a small chin implant put in about 8 years ago. About 9 months ago I had radiesse injected into my cleft chin. Now, my chin looks overly... READ MORE

Is there a way to remove a chin dimple other than a temporary filler? (Photo)

I have had Radiesse injected into my chin in the past but am looking for a more permanent solution since it only last about nine months for me. I feel... READ MORE

Can multiple steroid injections dissolve Radiesse? (Photo)

I have Radiesse injected into my nasal fold 6 years ago, I still have the swelling and bulky look next to my mouth after six years. I heard 4 small... READ MORE

Hyaluronic combined with other filler advisable for receding chin? Dr used Juvederm Voluma in 2014 (2 cc)

With great results, I've been "retouching" it once a year with Restylane Perlane (less than a cc each time) Months after each retouch some small... READ MORE

Radiesse lumps?

I had radiesse injected 5 weeks ago for lines around my mouth. it actually made it worse & now I also have visible lumps on each side of my mouth.... READ MORE

I Have Just Done Radiesse on my Nose Bridge and Tip, When Can I Start Surgery To Permanent Define Nose?

I have just done radiesse on my nose bridge and tip 8 months ago. When can I start do nose surgery that can have permanent define nose. READ MORE

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