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Numb Face After Radiesse Injection

I had Radiesse injections with Linocane and I think a nerve in the face was struck. I felt like I've been zapped by lightning. I have not regained... READ MORE

Best Approach to Prevent Pain from Radiesse Injections?

I am considering Radiesse for the nose to mouth lines but I am scared to death of the pain. My dermatologist told me they put numbing cream on your... READ MORE

Numbness 18 Months After Radiesse to Enhance Cheekbones

I Had Radiesse Injected Bilaterally to Enhance my Cheekbones 18 Months Ago. My Facial Plastic Surgeon Hit the Infraorbital Nerve with the needle and... READ MORE

Had Radiesse in my Cheeks a Week Ago, is it Normal to have Swelling and Numbness?

The swelling went down after a couple of days, and aside from some minor bruising left, I was happy with the results, BUT now after almost a week... READ MORE

Lingering Numbness and Vision Problems After Radiesse?

I had Radiesse injections in my cheeks about 20 hours ago. Left side of my face still numb, vision distorted- particularly when I look up and to the... READ MORE

I Had Radiesse Put in my Cheeks Almost 48 Hours Ago and my Lip is Going Numb on and Off?

Is this normal and how long does it last. I didn't have any done near my lips. READ MORE

Why Do I Have Intermittant Numbness After Radiesse?

I had Lidocaine & Radiesse injections approx 2 weeks ago to the Cheeks and Folds around my mouth. Since then I have had intermittant numbness... READ MORE

I Had Radiesse Injected in my Nasal Labial Folds Two Weeks Ago, Now Experiencing Swelling and Numbness. Why?

This morning I woke up and my left bottom lip is completely swollen and numb. The radiesse on the left side of my face seems diminished. The numbness... READ MORE

How long will it take to have all of theses be disappeared?

My wife has been injected by Radiesse 3 weeks ago. She has developed; infection, bruising, visibility, numbees, prolonged redness and inflammation. READ MORE

Bruising, swelling and pain after Radiesse injection in my nose (photo)

I went for a radiesse in my nose (bridge and tip) 36 hours ago and now it's a disaster! my nose is so swelling and painful to touch. Also my nose tip... READ MORE

My body feels numb after Radiesse. Any suggestions?

I am trying hard to stay calm. I had a panic attack all day after radiesse yesterday. Please someone help me calm down. I feel like my face is still... READ MORE

Is numbness after Radiesse hand injection normal?

It is now 4:30 I had radiesse hand injection at about 1:30 to the tops of my hands. They still feel extremely numb when does that go away? READ MORE

Why are both the tops of my hands still numb 6 hours after Radiesse hand rejuvenation?

I am now super worried. Just had Radiesse 6 hrs ago and both my hands are STILL numb. I was told 2 hrs the numbness would go away. READ MORE

3 wks post Radiesse to hollows, dr bruised nerve, numb for 2 wks but getting some feeling back. How long until I feel normal?

I believe he hit the Infraorbital nerve. For 2 weeks I was completely numb on cheek , 1/2 nose lips & front teeth. A little feeling has come back. The... READ MORE

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