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Can Radiesse Be Injected into the Lower Third of the Nose, Tip and Columella?

I have heard radiesse can be use to strengthen cartilage in the nose. I know that radiesse has to be injected deeply. Is this in the subcutaneous... READ MORE

Can Radiesse Injection in Nose Make Your Nose Tip Fat?

So, I had a radiesse injection in my nose bridge and tip about a yr and a half ago.I was ok with the bridge though it kind of lacked a curve and made... READ MORE

Is it possible for radiesse to cause reaction for almost a year? Possible allergic reaction? (Photo)

I beg all the doctors that use radiesse to please answer Is it possible to have pain close to the nose radiates through the eye all the way to the... READ MORE

Can Radiesse fix these grooves that appeared on my tip after botched Rhinoplasty? (photos)

I was wondering if Radiesse or another filler would be able to fill these grooves in? Have no money for revision. READ MORE

Non Surgical Nose Job (Radiesse): Will My Swelling Go Down? (Photo)

They didn't inject Radiesse by the nostrils. Only at the bridge and tip. Why do my nostrils look like this? Is it the weight of the filler on the... READ MORE

Pain after injected Radiesse to a nasal tip normal?

Hi, Radiesse was injected to the nasal.bridge and also to my nasal tip to make it look straight and a bit up. It was injected second time 2 days ago... READ MORE

Radiesse non-surgical nose and jaw fillers.

I had my nose and chin radiesse fillers yesterday. The tip of my nose is in so much pain and I look so scary :(((( is it going to go away??? READ MORE

Please help ! Lump between eyes. (photos)

Had nose job 20 years ago- Wanted to modify nose line , dr had put jubilee mm between eyes and radiasse on the tip of the nose 7 months ago . It... READ MORE

Bruising, swelling and pain after Radiesse injection in my nose (photo)

I went for a radiesse in my nose (bridge and tip) 36 hours ago and now it's a disaster! my nose is so swelling and painful to touch. Also my nose tip... READ MORE

I have a round,hard granuloma forming on my nose. It feels perfectly round & circular. Is hard to the touch.What do I do?(photo)

I was injected with Radiesse/Sculptra/Botox by two different practitioners. Each of them is blaming the other for the granuloma in the nose area and... READ MORE

Will the leakage affect the result? I mean will it affect the overall cosmetic volume? (Photo)

My columella (nose) was injected with 0.2cc Radiesse to improve the angle between my nasal tip and lips. After injection I notice a pin-like pinkish... READ MORE

Help!!! Radiesse in the tip why?!?!

Help!!! I had Radiesse put into my nose about two months ago. Its now all sitting in the tip of my nose and it's very obvious!! I was only supposed to... READ MORE

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