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Radiesse or Juvederm Ultra for Smile Lines?

Is Radiesse or Juvederm Ultra better suited for smile lines? I am referring to oral commisures (corner of mouth) and marionette lines. Also, would 1... READ MORE

How Long Should 3 Syringes of Radiesse Last?

I had 3 syringes of Radiesse injected into my cheeks, undereyes, nasolabial folds and marionette lines on August 26, 2008. At first, I loved it. ... READ MORE

Radiesse or Lipo for Lifting Jowls and Marionette Lines?

45 yrs old. Within a year period I have had Radiesse, Restalyne, and Juvaderm Ultra-Plus for my marionette lines. Minimal results that lasted apprx... READ MORE

Hour 36 of Radiesse in my NF Lines and Hard Lumps! Should It Come Down More?

I am a 28 year-old young professional with few wrinkles. I recently had Radiesse inserted in my NF/marionette lines and also a little Juvederm added... READ MORE

Is Bruising Normal 1-2 Weeks Post Radiesse?

Hello.Last Wednesday I had Radiesse injected in my nasolabial and marionette lines and today,Saturday,I still had severe bruises showing.Is that... READ MORE

Proper Way to Inject Radiesse?

I had Radiesse injected twice now--once in the nasolabial folds intraorally, as instructed by the Radiesse sales representative in the room. There was... READ MORE

Radeisse Vs. Sculptra for Marionette Lines

Which is better and more economical for lines at corners of mouth and below? READ MORE

How Long After Radiesse is Injected in Marionette Lines Should I Expect to See Results?

I had Radiesse injected into my marionette lines a week ago and don't see any difference. How long do I have to wait to see improvement? READ MORE

Will Submalar Radiesse Filler Bring Up Cheekbone to Correct Marionette Folds Too? (photo)

I had 1/2 syringe radiesse to correct marionette lines-still some appearance of lines but i think this is due to sagging from fat pads in sub malar... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Radiesse or Juvederm to better fill Marionette lines, mouth & chin area? (photos)

Repost w/pics, 44 F Looking to fill Marionette lines & chin area to restore that youthful volume around the sides of my mouth & chin beneath my lower... READ MORE

Where is Radiesse Injected for Marionette Lines?

I am planning on having Radiesse put in my marionette lines. I am concerned because another injector put Restylane in another time to help correct my... READ MORE

Had Radiesse 2 Weeks Ago. Marinette Folds Are Now Deeper And Darker. What Should I Do?

I went to a clinic to address my marionette lines that have formed over the past year and a half. I was asked if I wanted these lines gone a little or... READ MORE

Lump Inside of Mouth After Radiesse Injections?

I had radiesse 4 weeks ago into marionette lines. 2 weeks after the injection I noticed a bump at the very left side of my lower lip, not at injection... READ MORE

Minimal Results After Radiesse and Restylane Injections

I recently had (2) full syringes of Radiesse and (1) full syringe of Restylane within a 3 month period on my marionette lines. I had very little... READ MORE

Can Radiesse Increase my Chances of Getting Calcium Oxylate Kidney Stones?

I have several small calcium oxylate kidney stones now. I am concerned that the calcium in Radiesse might increase my changes of getting more stones.... READ MORE

Marionette Lines Are Not Gone 4 Days After Radiesse

Hi...4days after Radiesse. Cheeks still swollen and marionette lines have not gone away... is this common and will they disappear? Thx! READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of White and Reddish Discolorations from Radiesse?

Had the same reaction to Radiesse on one side for marionette lines, awful bruising, terrible pain, those are gone but am left with a nickel sized... READ MORE

Do fillers just not work for some people?? (photos)

44 yr old woman & never felt that I was that bad to require so much filler. However it seems I get a filler, looks great for a wk then I see... READ MORE

Uneven nasolabial lines. What should I do? (Photo)

I got radiesse and Voluma in my cheeks, however I think I need more fillers on my nasolabial lines, they are assymetric when I smile and I also have... READ MORE

Gray Lines Under Skin After Radiesse in Marionette Lines

I am fair skinned and had Radiesse injected into my marionette lines and now you can see dark gray lines through my skin where the lines used to be,... READ MORE

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