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How Can I Make Radiesse Results Last Longer?

I just had Radiesse and I want the results to last. I've read so many comments about this product disappearing after a few weeks and even days! How... READ MORE

Will Laser Treatments Make Radiesse Dissolve Faster?

I am considering having Radiesse injected next week. I also am looking to schedule to a Pearl Laser Treatment. Will laser treatments like Pearl Laser... READ MORE

Radiesse in Cheeks 5+ Years? Cut Out?

I had asked this question with my twice layered radiesse in my cheeks. I was under the impression that Radiesse has a gel carrier which the body... READ MORE

Can the Injector's Experience and Technique Impact the Longevity of Radiesse on the Cheeks and Jowl Areas?

I once received two 1.5cc syringes of radiesse in the cheek and jowl areas, by an M.D. and these lasted five months. Ten months later, I received five... READ MORE

Initial Radiesse Injection to the Nose Longevity?

Does Radiesse still last a year even if only an initial injection was done? I posted a picture here asking if I should get another Radiesse... READ MORE

How Long Do I Wait for Plastic Surgery After Failed Radiesse Non-surgical Nose Job?

Radiesse to the bridge of the nose left me with an unsightly hump! How long must I wait before I can now have plasic surgery (nose job) to correct the... READ MORE

Radiesse on hands not lasting more than a few weeks.

I am almost 75 and earlier this year had radiesse on the back of my hands and the effect was very good but sadly it only lasted about 7 weeks. I had... READ MORE

Is there a connection between Radiesse and Calcium Supplements?

I have had Radiesse a few times last year around my cheekbones and jawlines, and noticed that results do not last more than a few weeks. This year I... READ MORE

Will I have to wait until the Radiesse dissolves before I get a real chin implant?

I'm a graduate student with a limited budget and can only afford a nonsurgical chin augmentation with Radiesse right not. However, my doctor said... READ MORE

Radiesse longevity?

I had rediesse injected in my nasal fold one week ago. It was great for that week but now I'm noticing my laugh line is starting to show again. I was... READ MORE

When will radiesse be gone?

Hi I got radiesse on my cheek bones and really didn't like it. I was wondering when it will be completely gone? Thank you so much ! READ MORE

Do fat-burner supplements affect facial fillers longevity?

I've been taking Green Tea Fat Burner for 10 months. It workers wonders associated with exercises. I’ve lost 7lb and while taking them I’m able to kee... READ MORE

I had Radiesse injected .07 on one cheek & .03 on the other cheek. I did NOT know this product wasn't dissolvable. Suggestion?

How long until I notice it is dissolved or the volume of my cheek bones go down? I'm really depressed with the outcome and wish I was more educated... READ MORE

How long does swelling last for Radiesse in nasiolobial creases?

It looks like I have something lodged in the bottom of my mouth making it stick out on both sides. Could that still be swelling? It's causing a droopy... READ MORE

I got 2 injections of Radiesse in my chin and I love the results. Will exercise make them fade faster?

And how long will they last? I got the same thing in my nose and it has dissolved in 4 months ! My doctor said a year READ MORE

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