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Does Radiesse Last Longer After Repeat Injections?

I had my first injection (1 syringe) of Radiesse done in May and by August the result was completely gone. I feel like I totally wasted my money... READ MORE

Radiesse Chin Augmentation?

Hi Guys, So I'm curious how long would Radiesse last in the chin? I'm hoping to get 3mm of projection from it and am curious how much it would cost.... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Voluma or Radiesse?

When you look at the cost of Voluma ($800 for 1cc) and Radiesse($695 for 1.5cc), Radiesse is a much better deal for my cheeks. I'm reading that most... READ MORE

Have Perlane Injection for Chin 6months,want to Try Radiesse,can It Just Be Built on Top ?

I have had a perlane injection for my chin for 6 months now, i think the result is nice,but i want to inject radiesse to have a more lasting result... READ MORE

Radiesse on cheeks. How can I make it last longer? Would another filler be better? (Photo)

I have had radiesse 3 times, every 6 months on the right side of my face. However it seems to metabolize really fast and I always go back to that... READ MORE

In your practice/experience, how long does Radiesse last in your patients?

I'm reading that Radiesse can last up to one year and others have it in their face for 5 years! In your experience, what have you seen? READ MORE

I was told by a plastic surgeon Radiesse can last longer then a year. Is this true?? (photos)

I had 1 syringe of Radiesse split between both cheeks & injected 7 months ago. It doesn't appear to be breaking down. I hate the results. It... READ MORE

What is the best filler for non-surgical nose jobs?

I had one done with Restylane but I've heard Radiasse lasts longer. Is that true? READ MORE

Product does not seem to stay on. Maybe because I am too active?

I have had Radiesse five times in 2014 and the product does not stay for more than a month or a little more. I was told because I am so active it may... READ MORE

Is Radiesses Safe On My Nose? (photos)

Is radissse safe on the nose bridge? How long will it last? Will it improve my nose? I want my nose to lift up near the tip and the hump remove. READ MORE

Toughest filler to lift and define cheek bones I don't have naturally! (photo)

I have used voluma in my cheek bone area and had good results. Many people gave me compliments without knowing what I did! I LOVED it!!!! It took two... READ MORE

How long does the collagen made from Radiesse last?

The Radiesse website says the product 'immediately replenishes lost volume and stimulates the production of your own natural collagen with results... READ MORE

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