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Is There an over the Counter Med I Can Take to Help Reduce Swelling After Filler Injections?

I had a combo of Radiesse for my jawline and mouth corners and restalyne for my lip lines. It's been almost 24 hours and I have been icing the... READ MORE

Is Radiesse Good for Lip Augmentation?

A lot of people talk about how good and are for lip augmentation, but I want something more permanent.  Is it safe/effective to get lip... READ MORE

Revanesse Swelling - What Can I Do?

I had 2 mls of Revanesse in my undereye, cheeks, nasolabial and lips 8 days ago. I'm still very, very swollen and hate the look. Dr. tried a... READ MORE

Radiesse for Lip Wrinkles?

I have had Juvederm for Lip augmentation. The thing I hate about it is the bruising that comes along with it. I am very fair (Irish blue/white fair)... READ MORE

Radiesse Vs Juvederm for Lips?

Which do you think is better for lips, Radiesse vs Juvederm?   READ MORE

Can Radiesse Fix Big and Small Wrinkles on the Lip Area?

My primary age problems are wrinkles above the mouth (below the nose area). The second problem is the line or deep wrinkle that comes on each side of... READ MORE

Radiesse Lip Nodule Removal

I know better now, but in 94 I had Radiesse injected into my lips. As a result I now have a hard, white pea sized nodule in my upper lip. My... READ MORE

Redness and Numbness After Radiesse

I had Radiesse injected (from the inside of my lip) for my “smile lines” 4 days ago, and I am miserable. I have a black eye on my left side. On the... READ MORE

2weeks Ago I Had Radiesse Injected In Several Areas of Face. Lips Are Swelling, Is This Normal?

2weeks Ago I Had Radiesse Injected Several Areas of Face. My Lips Swellin Now,normal?!   READ MORE

Radiesse Injected 12hrs Ago in Lips And Their Shape Is Awful, Is It Swelling? (photo)

I've used Juvederm multiple times up to 2yrs ago. But needed upper lip filled in at the corners. I used a diffrent doctor than previousy. I was... READ MORE

I Had RADIESSE Injected into my Lips 5 Years Ago- is It Safe to Get a New Filler Now?

I had RADIESSE, and the dr who injected it, swore it was safe and that he used it for years and years- later found out he wasnt suppose to be using... READ MORE

Possible to Remove Radiesse Lumps in Lips?

I recieved radiesse injections into my lips in 05/06 and I have the white soft lumps under the skin in my lips. Can I remove it? READ MORE

What is the normal? (photos)

Hello I'm 43. And are looking into a facelift, in the future. But now want to do some fillers.. I need underneath my eyes done. The hollow part. My... READ MORE

Has my lip dropped down my face due to fillers? (photos)

About 2 weeks ago, I got some injections (Radiesse) into my lips, nasolabial folds and into the horizontal crease I've had between my nose and the... READ MORE

Lumps in Non-injected Areas After Radiesse

I had radiesse injedtions in my smile lines over a week ago, looks great. I just noticed 2 lumps above my lip, nothing was done to the lip area. They... READ MORE

I've read in here that a vibrating toothbrush can break down unwanted lumps from Radiesse. Any proven results? (photos)

When I pull my lip down you can see the product. ?? It was fine for two weeks. Then these huge lumps appeared. The are starting to show from the outside. READ MORE

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