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Radiesse Cpmplications 3 Days PO, What Should I Do? (photo)

I had radiesse 3 days ago. My swelling has gone down but I now have some blanching and some "fever" fever to it. Ive been doing warm... READ MORE

Kenalog and Vitrase to minimize the Radiesse. Is this effective?

How long does it take for Radiesse to dissolve? If you search the web, there are so many different answers. Thank you to all the doctors that have... READ MORE

Looking for a specialist in Kenalog injections due to bad decisions made about Radiesse/Sculptra.

Hello, I have a complex case because I layered two different fillers on top of each other, twice each in the space of a year. I am desperately seeking... READ MORE

Surgeon's advice regarding: Radiesse and Sculptra. What happens next?

I have been told on here to seek a specialist in F5U and Kenalog due to being overfilled. However I am yet to find a specialist and am wondering if... READ MORE

What can be done for long term intermittent swelling because of radiesse?

Hello, 5years ago I did several injection of acid hyaluronic and radiesse on the glabellar area and above the eyebrows, to gain volume. Now I have... READ MORE

Radiesse and Sculptra - options?

I recently had MRI scans (with contrast dye) after receiving an excessive amount of Radiesse and Sculptra (to my cheeks/chin/temples) and these scans... READ MORE

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