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Hello There, I Am Thinking of Having Radiesse Filler Injected into my Temples for Volume, Where Exactly is It Injected?

I am confused, where exactly is radiesse injected into the temples? is it under the skin or under the muscle? under which facial layer exactly? thanks. READ MORE

Where Exactly is Radiesse Injected For Non-Surgical Nose Job?

Im thinking of getting a nonsurgical nose job with radiesse but im concerned. I will be getting it at the base of my nose to diminish a dorsal hump... READ MORE

Should Radiesse Be Injected into the Tip of the Nose (By the Rim)? (Photos)

I had a NSNJ about a year ago. During consul, I asked the doctor if he could inject some filler into the left side of my tip as I had a depression. He... READ MORE

Persistant Redness After Radiesse Injection in the Bridge of my Nose and Tip, Is This Norma?

Its three weeks since my injection and i still have a red circular spot on the tip of my nose its tender to touch and seems to get worse in the cold... READ MORE

White pimple looking nodules on lips one week after Radiesse, will they go away? (photo)

I got lip filler done in a Tijuana Mexico one week ago and there are these hard white nodules hangout on my upper lip and lower left side I guess from... READ MORE

Radiesse two years post. (photo)

Dr. injected Radiesse upper check area. Ever since I have kidney shaped bruising on both sides at injection site, the left being the worst. Nothing I... READ MORE

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