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Can Radiesse Be Injected Without Xylocaine?

Hi. I have gotten Radiesse and want to get some more. My provider mixes the product w/ 4cc of numbing agent, which causes me to blow up! Can Radiesse... READ MORE

Is One Syringe of Sculptra Injected Equal to One Syringe of Radiesse?

I had one syringe of Radiesse injected into my cheeks about 6 months ago. I liked the subtle yet fuller appearance of my cheeks. Today I had about one... READ MORE

Can Radiesse Be Cut (Diluted) with Something else Before Injecting, or is It Straight from the Tube?

 Botox can be mixed at different ratios, and f it is the same with fillers, specifically Radiesse. READ MORE

How deep is radiesse injected into cheeks?

Is radiesse injected under cheek skin ? on the tap of the cheek bone ? or in the cheek muscles? Thanks READ MORE

Does threading Radiesse work better than deep injections?

I like Radiesse for my cheeks. One doctor used a threading technique on me 3 months ago and I saw dramatic results with just one 1.5 cc syringe.... READ MORE

Can Radiesse cause headaches?

I have had a headache which seems to be getting worse above my eyebrows since I got radiesse injections two days ago. Could it be from the injections?... READ MORE

It Took Him Approx. 15 to 20 Minutes for the Procedure. Is This Considered Relatively Pricey?

I was charged $1,500.00 for 4 loaded .8cc syringes of Radiesse injected throughout cheeks, however the Radiesse filler was free from the company due... READ MORE

Are the results of Radiesse in the cheeks ever permanent?

I got Radiesse injected (1/2 a syringe) in my cheeks in October 2015. I had had Radiesse injected several times before over the past few years and... READ MORE

Will Radiesse harm a pregnancy?

I know it's a contraindication to be injected while pregnant, but I found out I was pregnant the week after having two 1.5cc syringes injected into my... READ MORE

Radiesse Injected to the Lines Between my Brows Caused Pain

I've been taking Tylenol, but believe it or not, it still hurts a lot. Is this common for that area? It's just a little swollen. READ MORE

Remove Radiesse + Holes from Cortisone injection. HELP!!!! (photos)

I had a chin inj. with radiesse in august 15. sadly it went wrong and the sides of my chin got thick+swollen. my doctor gave me cortison inj. to trim... READ MORE

Don't feel my filler after radiesse injection . Is this normal?

This is my second time getting radiesse. First time, I could feel the filler for about 2 weeks after the inyection. Second time, I didn't feel the... READ MORE

Will Radiesse injections make my round face look square? (photos)

I currently have a chubby round face (due to weight gain and genetics) I plan on losing the weight but I know my facial structure will not change.... READ MORE

How long after injection with Radiesse can necrosis occur?

I had injections with Radiesse ca two months ago, into my nasolabial folds. Since yesterday, I have a small swelling and quite severe pain on my right... READ MORE

Can F5fu injections help dissolve Radiesse? How safe is it?

I have a lot of allergies including intolerance to antihistamines and NSAIDs. Could I get a reaction to it? Please list pros and cons. READ MORE

Radiesse has left me with duck/monkey mouth! It's been 5 months - what should I do? (Photo)

I was injected with a full vial in my nasolabial folds for the 2nd time this year-and the results are disastrous!It's been 5months and it seems to get... READ MORE

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