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Inflamatory Reaction to Radiesse Nose Injection?

I had Radiesse injected along the bridge of my nose from top near eyes to tip almost three years ago. I saw another local plastic surgeon the... READ MORE

Inflammation from Radiesse

Radiesse to the nose left me with a giant hump on the nose! It's been a few weeks and it hasn't improved. Massage makes it even worse and it... READ MORE

Chronic Inflammation Caused by Radiesse Under Eyes. How Much Longer and How to Treat?

I've been suffering for 20 months with disfiguring radiesse under the eyes. I still have a large mound/bag in the corner of my eyelid that looks... READ MORE

1 month post op Radiesse, there is a nodule and skin over the nose. It is red and peeling. Is this normal? (photos)

I had radiesse into bridge of nose a month ago. The dr seemed to overfill d area bet eyebrows.i didn't say anything as I thought it's usual swelling &... READ MORE

Is this swelling (inflammation ) and pain burning normal after 17 month being injected with Radiesse? (photos)

I have no strength to explain over and over my symptoms but the last two days the swelling and the burning has gotten worse after 17 months has past... READ MORE

Can Radiesse cause inflammation around the eyes and cheeks? Swelling, redness, burning pain 10 months later

Help please . I'm really confused scared in pain . I was never explained and I unfortunately have no where to turn for answers as it has been 10... READ MORE

How long will it take to have all of theses be disappeared?

My wife has been injected by Radiesse 3 weeks ago. She has developed; infection, bruising, visibility, numbees, prolonged redness and inflammation. READ MORE

Radiesse under eyes - inflammation or granuloma forming? At which point steroids?

. It has been 18 days since the infections the bump is less i volume but is still there in reddish color. It seems that this is inflammmatory response... READ MORE

I had Radiesse from a year ago and recently had side effect; hard lumps and inflammation. How would you treat it?

My face has hard lumps and inflammation on lower side of cheek area. Biopsy shows signs of Calcium. Jervaderm over 7mo,s ago and Radiesee over a year... READ MORE

How long before inflammation aching feeling is gone in cheeks (to jaw) after Radiesse? (photos)

I'm one week post BBL & 1 vial of Radiesse in "Apple" of cheeks (says Dr).. but got a higher cheekbone which was shocking.. my face is still... READ MORE

Radiesse and Sculptra - options?

I recently had MRI scans (with contrast dye) after receiving an excessive amount of Radiesse and Sculptra (to my cheeks/chin/temples) and these scans... READ MORE

Infection, inflammation or dehydration after a filler? (Photo)

I had radiesse 14 days ago on right nasolabial fold. First was very swollen and little pain. Two days ago I was dehydrated and hot from exercise. I... READ MORE

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