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Is Radiesse a safe filler?

I would like to augment my cheeks with Radiesse. After reading so many bad things about Bio-Alcamid permanent filler, I am a bit afraid about... READ MORE

Can I Have a Hyaluronic Acid Filler Put in over Radiesse in my Nasolabial Folds?

Hi, I just had Radiesse put into my nasolabial folds last week and am not thrilled with the results so far. This is my second time having Radiesse in... READ MORE

I read, Radiesse is bone matter? What does HA filler have in it?

I have had treatments of HA filler but now I'm not sure, I don't even know whats in Ha filler... READ MORE

What can be done for long term intermittent swelling because of radiesse?

Hello, 5years ago I did several injection of acid hyaluronic and radiesse on the glabellar area and above the eyebrows, to gain volume. Now I have... READ MORE

There's pain in my left eyebrow after fillers to the nose. What should I do?

I had HA/Radiesse added to conceal my dorsal hump and have encountered threatened necrosis / Vascular Compromise on 2 occasions around my right... READ MORE

Hyaluronic combined with other filler advisable for receding chin? Dr used Juvederm Voluma in 2014 (2 cc)

With great results, I've been "retouching" it once a year with Restylane Perlane (less than a cc each time) Months after each retouch some small... READ MORE

Are hyaluronidase or saline injections worth a try for Radiesse/Sculptra overfill?

I understand these are not traditional methods for breaking up these products as they are non HA fillers. Yet I have been told by some Dr's that... READ MORE

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