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Radiesse Cheeks

I am 36 and am considering Radiesse to give fullness to my cheeks a lift and help alleviate the hollowness under my eyes. I am scared to do injections... READ MORE

Radiesse or Juvederm for Under Eye Hollows?

I have under eye hollowness and would like to know which non-surgical procedure would be the best. Is it Radiesse, Juvederm, or something... READ MORE

Hollowness Under Eyes After Radiesse

I had Radiesse injected in my cheek area for more volume a little over two weeks ago. However, due to the extra volume in my cheek area, my undereyes... READ MORE

Radiesse in Forehead 18 Days Ago For Hollowing and Dents After Radio Frequency Treatment?

The problem now is that my brows have dropped with a heavy feeling in my brows pushing down creating a tired look and smaler eyes and if I smile the... READ MORE

Is there any way to fix this Radiesse mess? (photos)

I recently lost weight due to an illness and lost a lot of face volume. A doctor injected radiesse into the hollows if my cheeks, and it formed little... READ MORE

What is the normal? (photos)

Hello I'm 43. And are looking into a facelift, in the future. But now want to do some fillers.. I need underneath my eyes done. The hollow part. My... READ MORE

I'm 25 years old and have hollow cheeks.

Recently I purchased a groupon for 1.5 cc's of Radiesse but I'm nervous that I might get an infection since this is being done by a registered... READ MORE

Radiesse for African American face - side effects? (Photo)

I have upper and lower eyelid surgery 3yrs ago.. Had fat injections to my eye hollows however absorbed because of fitness level. Considering Radiesse,... READ MORE

Can anything be done to correct this Radiesse disaster? (photos)

Please view pictures. Asymmetry (photo 1), hollow indents under eyes (photo 2), emphasized marionette lines d./t Radiesse lumpiness (photo3). Pictures... READ MORE

Radiesse for eye hollows and wrinkles. Botox for forehead? (Photo)

Over the last year my face has thinned significantly. Eyes have hollowed, deep wrinkles have formed! I feel 30 going on 60. I know radiesse is a good... READ MORE

Can radiesse migrate from cheek to under eye hollow? Can joker smile be too much belotero in upper lip for smoker line? (Photos)

I got 2 syringes of radiesse(was not told its non reversible) into nasal folds and was Convinced i needed cheeks too, and i did 1 syringe of belatero... READ MORE

What else can be done to under eye hallows besides radiesse or juvederm? (Photo)

I was given raddise on the upper cheeks and on the chin to help with face contour and improve under eye hallows due to weight loss. And although... READ MORE

What are my options to treat this area? (Photos)

Over the years I´ve realized I´ve lost volume around the mouth area. I want to get this area tight again and get rid of those hollows, nasolabial f... READ MORE

Radiesse injection making me look more droopy. (Photos)

Hi, I had radiesse injected in the upper part of my cheeks to treat under eyes hollows 4 days ago. While I like the placement and it definitely... READ MORE

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