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Itchy Swollen Bumps 2 1/2 Months After Radiesse and Botox?

I had Botox 3 months ago & radiesse a week later. Botox in brows & around mouth. Radiesse in brow furrow, on cheek bones & naso-labial. A... READ MORE

Had Radiesse 6 Years Ago, and Caused an Infection and is Hard Like a Stone. What Can I Do?

Had Radiesse 6 Years Ago, and Caused an Infection and is Hard Like a Stone. What Can I Do? READ MORE

Years after my fillers, my face is breaking out in hard lumps literally over night- what can I do?

I recently had hard lumps removed form both under eyes that had formed after i had a filler done some 3 years ago. recently I had naso-labial fillers... READ MORE

Is it possible that the radiesse got under my levator labii alqaque nasi muscle?

3/4's of a syringe was injected in the little triangle areas where the underside of the nose and upper nasolabial folds meet. Initially, the levator... READ MORE

radiess infection and hard as a stone.

About 3 month ago I had a radiesse injection in my nose. Once the radiesse was injected next day cause an infection, so I went back to the doctor and... READ MORE

Can Radiesse cause hard lumps inside the mouth?

I get Radiesse injections twice a year in the nasal folds and around my mouth for the downward pull. I just noticed a hard lump inside my mouth..Could... READ MORE

1 week post op Radiesse injected into my chin. It's sore, feels hard, and looks lopsided. Any suggestions?

Assumed it was HA because the assistant at the consultation (day before) told me it would be. Immediate result looked great, but once home I felt an... READ MORE

I had Radiesse from a year ago and recently had side effect; hard lumps and inflammation. How would you treat it?

My face has hard lumps and inflammation on lower side of cheek area. Biopsy shows signs of Calcium. Jervaderm over 7mo,s ago and Radiesee over a year... READ MORE

Had Radiesse 4/12 in naso/cheek area. From a trusted injector I've seen before. Hard lump inside cheek. What could it be?

It made a big fold on left side of my face. She diagnoses as "biofilms". Antbiotics and it still looked bad. On 5/12, she injected me again w/Juvederm... READ MORE

Can a laser treatment for bruising 4 days after injection cause Radiesse to form hard lumps in the skin?

I had my 1st Radiesse injection in marionette lines and I bruised badly. 4 days after the injection I had a Dr. recommended laser to help bruising... READ MORE

I have malar area edema

I believe the radiuses was injected too high in my check area up to eye area level went back to dr he said it will go down but after 3 weeks still... READ MORE

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