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How Many Syringes of Radiesse Are Needed for Hand Rejuvenation?

I was informed by my clinic that the price for hand rejuvenation using Radiesse filler was £500. I had the treatment and at first my hands were... READ MORE

Do Juvederm and Radiesse Have Good Results in the Hands?

Does using both Juvederm and Radiesse increase the longevity over just using Radiesse alone? How common it this treatment combo? READ MORE

Painful, Itchy and Swelling Hands After Radiesse?

I am experiencing a painful itch and swelling in the right pinky knuckle area after having Radiesse injected two weeks ago. Is it possible to have a... READ MORE

My Hands 2 Weeks After Radiesse, Some Pain in Left Hand, and Lost Volume in Both Hands?

Right after treatment with Radiesse, the back of my hands looked plumper and smoother, but in the 2 weeks that have elapsed, I've lost much of the... READ MORE

How Long Does Radiesse Last in the Hands?

How long will radiesse last if it is used for hand rejuvenation. Will frequent use of hand muscle wear it faster? READ MORE

Can Radiesse Be Used for the Back of the Hands?

Can Radiesse Be Used for the Back of the Hands? READ MORE

How Long Does It Take Swelling and Redness from Radiesse in the Hand to Go Down?

How long does it take swelling and redness from radiesse in the hand to go down? I just got it done 2 days ago and both, but particularly my left hand... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Inject Radiesse Into the Dorsum of the Hand for Volume Loss?

Have you injected raidesse into the dorsum of the hand in the volume loss area???? READ MORE

Radiesse was injected in my hands and I am still swollen. Is this normal?

Hello there, I had radiesse injected in my hands. Tomorrow will be two weeks and I am swollen, more on my right hand. I am getting a little worry.... READ MORE

I have had 4 syringes of Radiesse injected in the back of my hands $$. (photo)

It's about 2 weeks now and they look like the same Boney veiny hands so disheartening. I'm 50 with 90 year old hands. What can I do? READ MORE

Radiesse in Hands?

I had 1/2 vial juvederm about 3 months ago in both nasolabial folds and have opportunity to participate in a Radiesse trial with Kaiser, is it harmful... READ MORE

Bony, Wrinkled, Misshapen Hands - Options? (photo)

I'm young but look about 60 with these weird looking hands everyone makes fun of. What could be done? I especially want to fix the wrinkles on the... READ MORE

How important is massaging radiesse into my hand after injection and why?

I have had radiesse injected for the first time into my hands. I am happy with the results but the doctor said to massage my hands twice during the... READ MORE

I had Radiesse in my hands and the veins still showing. Any suggestions?

She injected quite a few areas but did not lift the skin or massage it in. i'm not happy with the results and i'm seeing her next week for more filler... READ MORE

Radiesse hands lidocaine mix

How much lidocaine would be used to mix radiesse to tx hands with each syringe?More lidocaine mixed does that affect. The longevity of the radiesse? READ MORE

2 days post op Radiesse on hands, I'm not happy with the results. Any suggestions?

I had radiesse 2 days ago. she only used 1.5 on both hands. i'm not happy with the results. i called today and she told me to come back in 2 weeks... READ MORE

Does Radiesse Absorb faster in hands?

I had Radiesse injecting in my hands last week. Each hand received one ,1.5 syringe . I am a very thin 54 year old with visible veins The effect was... READ MORE

Can a Radiesse injection help to mask redness in hands? (Photo)

Hello, I am a 27 year old male with an unusual circulatory problem. When my hands are hanging down at my side, the blood pools in them and they turn... READ MORE

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