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Did Filler in the Cheeks Worsen Nasolabial Folds?

I recently had radiesse in my mid-cheek area to replace a bit of early fat loss (I'm only 31). I also had a little juvederm on either side of my... READ MORE

How many mm does a syringe of dermal filler add to each side of the mandibular angle of the jaw?

Lets say I get one syringe of a dermal filler, for instance radiesse, injected into my jaw line / into the mandibular angle to enhance my narrow jaw... READ MORE

Is Radiesse a safe filler?

I would like to augment my cheeks with Radiesse. After reading so many bad things about Bio-Alcamid permanent filler, I am a bit afraid about... READ MORE

Nasal swelling & redness following radiesse? (Photo)

I had radiesse filler in my naso-labial lines and cheeks 2 days ago. I have some swelling but no bruising other than my right nostril is now painful,... READ MORE

Has my lip dropped down my face due to fillers? (photos)

About 2 weeks ago, I got some injections (Radiesse) into my lips, nasolabial folds and into the horizontal crease I've had between my nose and the... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do to make my face have the same shape it did before filler? (photos)

I was having something done to eyes & I had little laugh lines so dr said he could fix. I had only had a little filler twice b4 in Ga since I turned... READ MORE

What is the difference between Radiesse and Juvederm?

I understand that they are both temporary fillers. Which one is best for below the sides of the mouth? READ MORE

Was Radiesse Originally Created to Be a Dental Filler?

Read that Radiesse was originally made to be a dental filler. Is this correct? If so, is it the exact same material, or has it been modified for use... READ MORE

I'd like to get some filler for my cheeks. What would look more natural: radiesse or voluma? (photos)

I know that radiesse is not reversible, but isn't it also semi permanent? Also, my weight tends to fluctuate, and i end up losing weight in my face... READ MORE

Don't feel my filler after radiesse injection . Is this normal?

This is my second time getting radiesse. First time, I could feel the filler for about 2 weeks after the inyection. Second time, I didn't feel the... READ MORE

Dr used Radiesse on my tear troughs - noodle lumps and white. I'm heartbroken. Do I get non permanent filler to fix it? (photo)

I researched juvederm and resta for a year and silly me, i thought those were the only two fillers avaiable. As my doctor was about to do the... READ MORE

Will Radiesse effect shorten for working hands?

I am 64 years old with aging hands. I use my hands a lot as I live on a boat and do most the work myself. I would like to know if this filler will... READ MORE

Radiesse has left me with duck/monkey mouth! It's been 5 months - what should I do? (Photo)

I was injected with a full vial in my nasolabial folds for the 2nd time this year-and the results are disastrous!It's been 5months and it seems to get... READ MORE

What is the best filler for non-surgical nose jobs?

I had one done with Restylane but I've heard Radiasse lasts longer. Is that true? READ MORE

Are these chin augmentation results attainable with Radiesse? How much should be used? (photos)

I am considering getting a chin augmentation with an implant and I photoshopped a couple of pictures to see what my results could possibly look like.... READ MORE

Collegan - myth or reality?

It's well known now that fillers, particularly Radiesse or Sculptra are said to increase collegen and improve skin tone once they have worn off. Is... READ MORE

Can I have Radiesse and Juvederm fillers injected in the same area?

I had Radiesse injected in my upper cheek 6 months ago, and would like to add more volume. Where I go now for non-surgical procedures, they do not use... READ MORE

The effect of Revanesse filler disappeared one week after my nasolabial foldes injection. Any suggestions?

Hi... i got 4 ampoules of revanesse filler in my nasolabial foldes,improvement appeared at once, but later on, after 6 days , the foldes started to... READ MORE

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